Why Are Social Media and Content Marketing the Most Effective SEO Weapons?

The online organic marketing ecosystem is growing constantly and as such, social media, content marketing, and SEO are coming under the one and the same umbrella. When these three are coordinating and functioning in sync they are able to boost website traffic and get customers through effective content. This is partly because of the modifications that have been made to Google algorithms that are now factoring in the social signals as an effective indicator for the SEO rankings.

If you are thinking of coming up with an organic marketing strategy which would be working towards fulfilling your company’s objectives and goals, you must understand how the social media, SEO and content marketing work together and fit nicely into the same stratagem. Here are some of the effective ways how social media, content marketing, and SEO coordinate and function together for improving organic marketing.

Google Utilizes Twitter for Discovering New Content

The Internet is supposed to be an amazing public library that is growing continuously and is full of content but has no central filing. Google is used to gathering pages while its crawl process is on. It then effectively comes up with an index so that you know exactly where to find certain things when you are searching for it. This could really be a very tiresome process simply because of the huge amount of content that is being generated every hour.

Google is able to track your content much faster with Twitter’s help. Factors like how many persons tweeted the content, how many retweets and also, the precise time frame of exactly when the content had been shared, are all considered while indexing the content. Remember that content indexation is vital to SEO. This is because the sooner you are able to get the content indexed, the faster you would get the rewards in the form of organic traffic to your website.

Social Shares Are Actually Effective Link Building

You could obtain a high rank in Google’s SERPs depending on the number of backlinks your website is able to achieve. However, this factor could be manipulated quite easily thanks to the black hat SEO tactics such as invisible text, keyword stuffing and developing fake websites which would be linking back to the site you are attempting to optimize. As such Google these days is considering social signals such as Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram pictures and so on as the honest ways of gaining links. SEO and social media could work coherently to help your website get the backlinks it requires. You should simply get in touch with companies such as Instamacro for all your SEO solutions.

Use Social Media Influence for Boosting Your Authority

Most simply put, you must understand that Google would be ranking your website and blog posts higher if Google recognizes you as a credible source. Google not only examines your credibility but also takes into account your exact social media influence. This is determined by considering various factors that may include reach, relevance, and resonance.


Google has lately gone through numerous algorithm changes and this has made content the king like never before. Google believes that only the most relevant and the best content should get a higher ranking. The ultimate outcome is that SEO is today far more human-friendly.

Author Bio: Randy Jones is a blogger and an SEO expert. He is currently attached to an SEO firm in Los Angeles and enjoys blogging as a hobby. All his posts are about SEO, tricks, and tips for boosting SEO. He advises his readers to get in touch with companies such as Instamacro for all their SEO solutions.

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