Looking For Job? Linkedin Is Your Solution

Constant development of the Internet changes our lives in so many ways, making it possible to do things that no one could do before. Today we can do almost anything from home if we have a PC or a mobile gadget around: order things, meet new people, and even find a job. There are so many job sites for those who looks for employees or for a job of their dreams, but there’s even more to it: a whole social media created especially to find job opportunities, network with colleagues, potential clients, employees, and employers. This social media is called LinkedIn and for many it became the main source of job opportunities.

Why Use LinkedIn for Job Search?

We all know that ordinary job search sites are pretty useful when it comes to looking for a job: a potential candidate is able to create a number of different CVs, each one targeted for a certain job. When you post a CV on one of these sites, you demonstrate potential employers that you’re open to new opportunities and job offer, and that’s a good thing. However, there’s a huge drawback here – when you post a CV on such sites, you become visible not only to potential employers but also to your colleagues. As HRs do monitor such websites it can cause you many problems and even lead to you being fired. This means that if you post a CV on such websites, you have to be 100 percent sure that you want to quit your job and that you will be able to do this in case such situation emerges.

However, that’s not what’s good for many of us. Not all people are actually willing to risk everything for a chance to find their dream job. Some simply want to understand their professional value better, to see if there are some opportunities for them, to find out how much money employers are willing to pay them now. And even if they current job doesn’t seem good to them, they still may not have enough savings to allow themselves to quit right now. That’s when LinkedIn comes in handy.

The best thing about LinkedIn is that all you need to do to receive job offers is to be present there. You don’t have to update your profile informing everyone that you’re looking for a job if it’s not convenient for you: you’ll still receive offers from HRs. Moreover, LinkedIn also helps with networking a lot as well as with eventually finding the job of your dreams. For example, if you’ve been dreaming of working in a certain company that currently doesn’t have any job offers, you can follow them on LinkedIn and monitor their updates to be the first to know about new vacancies posted.

What to Do to Find a Job on LinkedIn?

If you are a professional with great working experience, you’ll probably receive many job offers even if your profile is not perfect. However, if you want to increase your chances of getting a dream job and to receive more job offers, you’ll need to work on your profile and information.
First, make sure that your profile is complete and looks good. Be sure to read some tips on how to do this and check the profiles you like. Sometimes people upload wrong photos that look nice but completely unprofessional. Sometimes they fill most of the information but forget to specify their skills, etc.

LinkedIn allows not only writing about your working experience but also specifying your stronger skills. Don’t forget to do that and ask some friends or colleagues to approve them, so your profile could look more valuable to HRs.

Don’t forget about the contacts too: they aren’t only good for networking, they add you value too. There’s an unwritten rule that a person needs to have at least 50 contacts on LinkedIn to look more serious and professional. Moreover, this way you’ll demonstrate people that you didn’t simply register an account and forgot about it – on the contrary, you are an active LinkedIn user and so they can contact you.

Being active on LinkedIn is very important too. Post something there, join various discussions, and so on: this way more HRs will notice you. If you received a contact request or a personal message, don’t wait for a few days to approve it: usually, this time is enough for HRs to find a new job candidate or even to hire them already. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to refresh a LinkedIn page every 5 minutes: just be sure to check in once a day if you’re looking for a new job.

I hope that these tips will help you to target your LinkedIn profile to as many job offers as possible and to find a job of your dreams eventually. I wish you good luck with your search!

Author’s Bio:
Kevin Nelson started his career as a research analyst and has changed his sphere of activity to writing services and content marketing. Currently, Kevin works as a part-time writer at the OnlineWritingClass. Apart from writing, he spends a lot of time reading psychology and management literature searching for the keystones of motivation ideas. Feel free to connect with him on , Twitter, Google+, Linkedin.

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