How To Optimize The Twitter Presence Of Your Business?

When it was created in way back 2006, not many gave Twitter a chance to reach the level it has in a decade-long journey. Surely, it has come a long way! Today, it’s a key ingredient of internet marketing strategy of brands from across industry verticals.

If it has made such rapid progress, then there must be some reasons behind that. So, you should know that –

Twitter currently has over 310 million monthly active users

1 in every 3 Americans with a social media account uses Twitter

Some 500 million tweets are sent each day which roughly accounts to 6,000 tweets / second

The numbers are pretty impressive from all accounts and they signify the growing popularity of this social channel. But the question is, where do marketers fit in? Or, is this social platform helpful for marketing purposes as much as other famous ones, particularly Facebook?

The answer lies in the stats –

More than 6 out of every 10 US companies (with 1oo+ employees) leverage Twitter for marketing purposes

9 out of 10 companies on Twitter do send more than a tweet daily with 2 out of 10 even clocking the 6-10 times a day mark

We can clearly see where businesses and brands have a chance to make a kill. But then, what about the users or target audience or customers?

Well, it seems Twitter is just perfect for every imaginable category you trot out. Just see the stats to decide on own –

Twitter reports more than two-fold growth in customer service conversations

Ad engagements has grown over 2 times for a period between 2014 to 2016

8 out of 10 Twitter users have mentioned a brand in their tweets

All this clearly points towards the marketing potential that Twitter has for businesses. You will need to devise a right strategy to get the most of the platform.

Tips to optimize your Twitter presence

Since Twitter is rising in popularity and usages worldwide, it will make a great sense in optimizing your business’ presence and gain benefits. You can do this by following some tips, including –

#1  Identify your target audience

The first priority should be to identify the target audience. Without knowing the right audience, all your marketing efforts would be wasted. You need to search Twitter profiles and people and take your message to them. It’s about adding more followers and following those that can help you reach to the target audience.

#2  Optimize your Twitter profile
Users on Twitter generally don’t like or share or tweet posts coming from a profile not optimized. This way, you fail to win the trust. Profile optimization involves many things including –

First of all, set your own photo as the profile images, not and never use a logo for the same

Secondly, update the cover photo to give users a clear-cut idea about you role, job and preferences

Update the bio where you need to explain the brand, and use relevant keyword or hashtag

And lastly, don’t forget adding or including a URL in the profile (be it of website, blog, social pages or anything related to or about you)

#3  Tweet to catch the attention

You should tweet keeping in the mind the target audience and their preferences. The target should be to give then plenty to feel engaged and entertained. Your strategy should be –

Use visuals more than plain texts to boost chances of clicks, RTs and Favs

Include in your tweets infographics, images, videos or anything that has visual elements

Use videos and if not possible, go with GIFs

Use hashtags (#) in your tweets to double the engagements

Don’t forget adding a “call to action” boost the prospects of tweets

#4  Tweet regularly and follow a time-schedule

You should tweet regularly. You should know that, over 20% of all companies on Twitter tweet more than 5 times a day.. You can take the cue and get going. You should however, take care of certain things –

Follow a proper time schedule for tweets

Don’t tweet randomly

Analyse the trends and performance of your Tweets and then make a schedule accordingly

Take help from the research data and start tweeting according

#5  Ask people to tweet your posts or content

First of all, you should try giving users entertaining and engaging content only. And then you should not hesitate in asking them to tweet your posts or content. You have to leverage every opportunity along the way to make your tweets reach to more people.

In a nutshell, the best strategy for you is to benefit from social media consulting services and optimize your Twitter presence.

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