How Can You Leverage E-mail Marketing Through Preheader And Emoticons?

Email marketing is one of the most important facets of Internet marketing. However, reaching out to audiences with e-mails is not as easy as it used to be. With a large number of businesses opening up every day and advertising themselves, the necessity to create extremely effective e-mail structures has increased. Most e-mails either get stored in the spam section or are deleted by recipients. It is common knowledge that the subject line has to be appealing and come with a promise of a solution. In modern times, two more aspects of e-mails have gained a considerable foothold in the field of Internet marketing. They are the preheader and the emoticons in the subject line.

Let us first see what a preheader is.

An e-mail preheader is the text appearing on top of the mail body or just below the subject line, in case you are using smartphones. Given the fact that most people access e-mails via smartphones, preheaders have become vital for business promotion.

When you open an e-mail from a smartphone, you can see an attractive line exactly over the creative copy (text or image) which compels you to read the whole newsletter. When smartphones were not common, preheaders were put to two distinct uses. They are as follows.

To request recipients to add the sender to the contact list so that e-mails reach the primary inbox.

To request, recipients to download an image by clicking on it

With the use of smartphones increasing, the importance of the above two statements have become quite redundant and they only end up occupying space. In the present times, preheader content is as large as the subject line. In fact, the message that e-mail marketers cannot fit in a subject line is expressed through the preheader. If you approach a company offering bulk email marketing services in Mumbai, you can realize that preheaders are used by e-mail marketers to offer additional information or as an extension of the subject line.

A unique way to attract the attention of recipients is to use emoticons.

Emoticons have become very popular among both individual users and businesses. Mentioned below are the benefits of emoticons.

You can express your message in minimum words

You can communicate a message that is difficult to state in words

Stay ahead of competitors

Recipients find emoticons an attractive and fun-filled addition to their e-mail inbox. Therefore, they choose to open e-mails with emoticons. If you want to increase the visibility and reach of your emails, you should use them as branding tools. But, you need to make sure that you do not overdo as far as using emoticons is concerned. If you own a business management, law, health or financial firm, you should try to avoid using these tools.

Emoticons deliver differently depending upon the browser of the recipients. If your recipients open the e-mail in Outlook, they will receive a black and white version. Such versions are mostly available in desktops. But, if they open the e-mail through their smartphones, they can see the actual colorful version of the emoticons. Even though both the versions are delivered properly, without any issues, the mobile version being more colorful is more effective.

You can leverage the rise in the use of smartphones by introducing emoticons in your subject lines. In this manner, you can stay ahead of your competitors for a long time.

Now, that you know about two important aspects of e-mail marketing, you can easily establish your business as a brand.

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