Here’s What You Need To Know About Headphone Specifications

Now, there are several different brands, prices and styles available in headphone, so it can be quite daunting to determine the best pair of headphones. When you search for the headphones, first of all you should know about the specification of headphone and then pick the one that suits your need. These headphone specifications are always very technical and complex, so it is better to do some search before buying. When you buy headphones, you can make sure whether it is quite portable for outdoor usage. It is better to have decent pair of smaller headphones and make a perfect sense by investing in a very good pair.

Important things you should know to find the best headphones

When you purchase the best headphones, there are some important things to be considered such as,


  • In-ear headphones are also known as in-ear monitors that perfectly sit inside the ear canal.

  • It actually sits closer to the ear drum and produces the best sound quality.

  • This type of headphone is also effective to use that has sealed out the external noise.

  • It is highly portable and also most convenient to use at anywhere.


On-ear headphones are also known as the supra aural headphones. It product sound straight down from the ear canal and also leak some noise for those who sat nearby.


  • It is also known as circumaural headphones. It has a louder volume and great bass performance.

  • This headphone can delivers the more spacious sound to what you hear from both the speakers.

  • It has better noise isolation and also very less portable than other types of headphones.

Sound pressure level and sensitivity

  • Actually, you can find these related terms in the specs of headphones.

  • They indicate how the headphones will louder.


  • It is one of the major components in the headphone pairs. Normally, it converts an electrical signal into sound pressure to make the sound.

  • There are so many types of driver available and they consist of following components such as diaphragm, magnets and voice calls and so on.

  • These components can cause the diaphragm to vibrate and these vibrations can create sound waves, so that the ears can hear the sound.

Total harmonic distortion

  • When you are using the headphones at a larger volume, this shows the level of distortion.

  • Actually, the total harmonic distortion can be expressed as a percentage. Most of the headphones have a THD of lower than 1%.


  • It can be measured as an electrical resistance and displayed in Ohms. The highest impedance means more resistance, which means that the higher power is needed to drive the headphones.

  • However, the top quality headphones always have a very high impedance rate that needs a dedicated amplifier to power them.

Frequency response

  • This usually indicates the audio frequency range that the headphones can produce. It is measure in Hertz and the lowest number is representing the bass where as the highest one is treble.

  • Many headphones have a stated frequency of 20, 000Hz that is similar to the human hearing.

Factors to consider before buying headphones

Buying the best pair of headphones can be a quite daunting task for everyone. When you plan to buy headphones for you, it is important to consider some factors before buying that includes:

  • First of all, you should decide what type of headphones you will need either in-ear or on-ear headphones.

  • The in-ear headphones are an ideal choice to use while traveling and commuting. It is smaller in size and light weight in design that usually comfortable to use for more hours.

  • The on-ear headphones are more comfortable than in-ears. It can be easily folded while not in use.

  • When you look for specialized headphones, the noise cancelling is a good choice that works with active noise cancelling technology.

  • The noise cancelling headphones can have small microphones that deliver noise without the outside sound.

  • When you are playing the video games on portable devices, computers or consoles, the gaming headphones are good option for you that improves the better in-game audio experience.

  • The gaming headphones are producing excellent sound effects and have strong microphones for multiplayer voice chat.

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