Guidelines for Fixing Internet Connection Problems Permanently

Well, in today’s modern world, internet connectivity problems can be annoying and frustrating. Moderately hitting F5 and desperately trying to reload your favorite website when you experience ‘Smart WiFi Setup not working’ or ‘Linksys Smart WiFi Router Login’ problems. So, to fix such maddening and frustrating issues, follow and troubleshoot the problem and identify the reason.
Note: Be sure to check the physical connections before getting involved with the brain-teasers steps of troubleshooting. Someone in your house (relative or friend) could have accidentally kicked the router or modem’s power cable or pulled an Ethernet cable out of a socket.
Important Guideline to Fix Internet Connectivity Issues Permanently

1. Perform a Ping Test

Well, the first thing to consider and try when your internet connection doesn’t seem to be working properly is the ‘ping’ command. To fix this issue, what you can do, go to the start menu of a computer or a laptop, open a ‘command prompt’ window and run a command ‘ping’ or ‘ping’. This ‘command’ sends several packets to a secure address you identify or specify. Similarly, the web server responds to each and every packet it receives and transmits. In case, the web server takes a longer amount of time to respond to some of your other packets, this can also indicate an internet problem. Well, this problem may be with the website itself. If the same problem occurs on multiple websites, with your Internet service provider, or on your network, etc, then you might need a tech support. What you can do, call us on 1-844-726-2255 and get instant solution to all your problems.
Note: Your internet supposed to be up and running for Linksys Smart WiFi Login.

2. Problem with a Specific Website

If you are experiencing issues accessing websites ask Support for from our well-trained executives immediately. On the other hand, if you find that ping seems to be working properly, it is possible that one or more websites are experiencing problems on their end too. In order To check whether Linksys Extender Setup website is working properly, you can use ask our executives for a tool that helps you to connect to the websites. If the tool says the website is down for everyone, the problem is on the website’s end itself. If this tool says that the website is down just for you, then it could indicate a large number of things. It is possible that there is a problem between your computer and the path it takes to get to that website’s servers on the home network. You can use the ‘traceroute’ command in order to trace the route packets take to get to the website’s address and see if there are any problems along the way or other. However, if there are problems, you can’t do much more than calling our executives.

3. Modem and Router Issues

Are experiencing problems with a variety of websites? Well, they may be caused by your existing modem or the router. Your existing modem is the device that communicates with your Internet service provider, while the router shares a secure connection among all the computers and other network WiFi devices. It is also the fact that in most cases, modem and router may be the equal to each other.
Now, take a look on your router. If the LED lights on it are blinking, that generally indicates a big problem. Similarly, if you see flashing lights that means everything seems to be normal and the network traffic. The same process applies for modem. Did you know that this is just like restarting your device (computer/ laptop)? On the other hand, you may also want to try this even if the LED lights are blinking normally. WE have also experienced flaky routers that occasionally needed to be reset, just like a ‘windows computer’. Keep that in mind that it may take your modem a couple of minutes to reconnect.

If you are still experiencing problems, you may need to perform a factory reset on your router and upgrade its firmware. In order to test whether the problem is really with your router, you can plug your computer’s Ethernet cable directly into your existing modem. If the connection works properly, it is clear that the router is causing can’t connect to Linksys Extender and internet connectivity problems.

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