Boost Traffic Through Facebook Video

Did you know that social videos generate 1200% more shares than images and text combined? (Source: Brightcove)

As per Vidyard data, 70% marketers claim videos to help produce more conversion than any other content

Stats from Adobe say that, videos influence the buying decisions of 4 out of every 10 buyers using smartphones

Well, you should know that more people watch videos on Facebook than they earlier did. More people prefer watching videos these days than they ever did for reasons as varied as information, entertainment and interactivity.

Similarly, brands and marketers alike have understood the vast importance of peppering their content with visual content in general and videos in particular. Even on Facebook, messages and posts with videos grab more attention and engagement that those with plain text.

In fact, experts believe that the level of engagement can go up some 10 times with brand ideas spread using videos. The scenario is same on social platforms including Facebook.

This is where marketers have a chance to boost traffic through Facebook video. They however have to devise a suitable strategy to leverage videos to the core to take their brand ideas to more users across the world.

Here are some tips to using videos on Facebook to boost traffic:-

The first step should be to uploading the video directly on Facebook rather than publishing it anywhere else. Doing this means letting your brand message reach to more people with minimum possible efforts.

Most marketers or brands fail to understand the befits of having a call-to-action as only this can help leverage the true potential of video by bringing target audience to your site.

Videos should always be posted with relevant title and descriptions and both these should be entirely different from each other while focusing on the main content of the shared material.

Without using proper title and description, you will never be able to make the video get superior rankings in search engines thus impacting it visibility in a big way.

You should understand, and choose only powerful ones, that thumbnails draw users in as they create the first impression about the video and work in catching the attention.

There is always a chance to selecting one’s own version of thumbnail especially if the FB’s one seems not good to you.

Giving SEO-friendly descriptions with the video won’t be enough and you also have to insert a link in the description to boost its search potential notches up.

Marketers should follow a suitable posting strategy for their videos as giving the videos in Facebook when maximum users are online will bring the best rewards for sure.

You should look to gain cross traffic to your videos and the best strategy for that is through embedding them into your blog, which is a solid strategy employed by a growing number of marketers.

You should understand that sharing your videos to more place and more people means gaining more traffic, so take it as further as you can possibly do.

In order to spread your videos further, you should share your video links on all major social channels to tap into their respective uniqueness and user base.

You should know that the benefits of sharing videos starts to fade in a gradual manner as then, views and traffic start going down in a big way to force you about re-sharing.

Re-sharing is a good strategy to evoke some fresh action and interest from users for the same posts you have already published long back.

The only strategy worth following with re-sharing is that it should be done on entirely different pages than it was done originally as doing this means giving it unique target audience to tap into, which can win it more traffic and engagement for sure.

In a way, social media marketing is growing with a rapid rate and your business should look to benefit from it. The best way is to consult experts for the job so that they can bring the maximum gains from social sites.

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