Some Important Facts To Consider For Video Marketing

Videos are everywhere, be it websites, social sites or blogs. More people are watching videos today than they ever did. A growing number of brands are using videos today and even more plans to do the same in coming days.

You should know that:

  • In 2015, videos made up around 57% of consumer traffic which was some four times bigger than web browsing and email combined.

  • The same number is going to a get a massive 12% jump by 2017 and a further 10% by the end of 2018.

  • In fact, 9 out of every 10 B2B companies plans to use video in their content marketing whereas over 90% marketers already use this potent visual tool for their online marketing, sales and communication purposes.

The data above confirms how videos are growing not only in popularity but also becoming a key part of inbound marketing strategy for brands across industry verticals. We have already seen changes in this regards from major platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and we have already witnessed the rise of live stream video.

There is no surprise to see brand clinging onto videos to build brand, generate lead and engage with their target audience. Video marketing is clearly the way to go to give a shot in the arm to your digital marketing tactics.

Let’s look at some facts related to video marketing:

Videos are extremely helpful in letting brand achieve their specific marketing objectives with some serious results in a gradual manner.

Websites with video will enjoy a superior chance of getting a front page result by search engines including Google.

E-mail marketing with videos in them can fetch two times more click-through rates than otherwise.

Experts and marketers alike are of the opinion that the conversion rates from videos easily beat the efforts of other type of marketing content.

Users on the internet will show more engagement with videos that text-based form of content and they will share, comment or embed such form of messages more.

Videos serve more than one purpose for brands, as not only it educates and informs target audience but also entertains them and seeks more prospects of interactivity and engagement.

Videos will give a major boost to purchasing or buying decision of buyers as they are capable of influencing emotions with the right usages of colours and imagery.

Adding videos in blogs or site will cut down the bounce rate and give a boost to the average time spent by users there.

Videos can have a solid impact on sales and brands have reported to see an upward spike in their sales number when they brought in this visual content form to their product or service demos.

Videos are a great way to boost contrastive engagement with users or customers as they can be used as an instructional tool (how-to-type) to let people become aware of products or services in a profound way.

Video-based marketing materials give better learning prospects and have a better chance of bringing out positive emotion in buyers.

Videos can be used to present brand ideas in the form of story and this way, more cherished memories can be created.

The human brain processes video far, far more quickly than text and they create positive emotions more than any other content form, which can force buyers into changing their buying decision.

When it comes to giving the best ROI, videos easily outperform other types of content forms.

Such powerful has been videos that 8 out of every 10 marketers and 9 out of every 10 B2B companies plan to use them in their marketing to realize their internet marketing goals.

In overall, video marketing is here to stay and grow further. So, brands should start making plans to leverage visual content from and fulfil their goals in an effortless manner. You should hire or trust only digital marketing experts to leverage videos to fullest.

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