What is Vidmate & How to Download it?

Vidmate is an app to generally download videos as well as music. It’s moreover an app store for other apps which are not available on the Google Play. The main use of a Vidmate is to download videosusually from YouTube.

How to install a Vidmate on your smartphone?

You need to follow some steps to install a Vidmate

  1. First, you need to download this application from an unknown source. To do this, go to the setting option on your device and activate this function.
  2. There are basicallytwoways to download Vidmate app. One is directly going to the Vidmate website and downloads it and another way is to go to malavida, where you find a link to download Vidmate with all its features, tricks, and updated news.
  3. After downloading Vidmate on your device, just open it by using a download folder or using a notification box.
  4. You can see aninstall button. You just need to click on that button and installing process get started. Wait for completion of installing. After installation is done the app will be on your device’s home screen. And you will ready for a Vidmate download.

You can download movies, Instagram videos, music’s and many more using a Vidmate. To increase the downloading speed of this application you have to activate Fast download mode option. But of course, download speed will depend on the quality of internet connection which you have.

Here aresome instructions to useVidmate appropriately;

  • Use the inbuilt Vidmate search engine to search the appropriate videos. You just input the name of the video or any keywords related to it to find the accurate results.
  • Searching trendy and latest videos: From the main screen of Vidmate we can always find trendy and latest videos. They have always a great collection of new and up-to-date videos.
  • Different categories of videos: you can select videos from different inbuilt categories. There are lots of categories such as animals, sports, entertainment, comedy and many more. Due to which we found the exact video in a very less time period.

Pros and cons of Vidmate:

The main advantage of Vidmate is that it can download videos very easily from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, WhatsApp, Dailymotion, etc. and work just like a download manager as well as live TV.

The only disadvantage of it is its bypass copyrights rules and even Google’s rules.

All are confused about Vidmate download safety because somehow its bypasses Google’s own rules. But we are able to assure that, it is safe as well as a legal application. However, sometimes some of the kind of stuff that downloaded by users may be illegal. Doubts may come due to the truth that it’s an application which is not available on the Google store. And we all are aware that a Google play store offers us proper security regarding each app which we download through it.

Still, official Vidmate’s website has properly warned us about the particular app’s security means how to avoid the virus and malware. And maybe that is the reason Google bans them.

In short, Vidmate is an application on whom we can depend to download videos from any website. It is a safe and legal application with no downloading charges. But it’savailable to download only apk version.

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