How To Engage Customers On Social Media

Social media is best for the two-way communication it gives to businesses and their customers. Social media, similar to traditional communication techniques such as promotion or advertising, enable organisations to talk to their customers via online platforms such as social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) video sharing (such as YouTube), and many more. Additionally, social media offers increased interaction, communication, and collaboration between organisations and individuals.

Typically, social media engagement is defined as the process by which online communications and the content you post online can help you build connections with other people within online communities. Social media engagement involves the use of tools of social media, such as social networks to build a relationship with others that results in some kind of reaction, interaction, or action. This post states what needs to be done to engage customers on social media.

Do’s and Do Not’s
Social media gives a direct communication link to consumers and allows companies to communicate a specific brand image. So to engage customers make sure your brand comes across and you are not badly affecting your brand image in an attempt to engage your customers.

Engaging your customers on social media is imperative to get the best out of the medium. What companies often do wrong is posting a series of tweets or pictures pumping out special offers and company information. However, to make the most of the two-way communication that social media gives, more needs to be done. So instead of these types of posts, try start a conversation with one of the customers, ask them what special offers they may want, what they’re doing this weekend etc. The point is that you need to entice them to reply or comment. The type of content you post will differ on what type of business yours is. For instance, a car dealership may ask about people’s favourite car, whereas, a clothes site could ask what people’s favourite summer outfit is.

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Make Use of Hashtags
Taking all that in to consideration, the importance of hashtags on social media are very high. Hashtags relate mainly to Twitter and Instagram and since the emergence of these two platforms hashtags have become key to any posts on them. Often correct grammar is not required when trying to get a message across via hashtag but it is important to use capital letter at the start of every word. For example: if you wanted to add social media Manchester along with one of your posts #socialmediamanchester can be hard to read, whereas #SocialMediaManchester is more clear and concise and a customer would be able to easily read it. This can have a strong affect (especially for a social media agency!) as when a customer is scrolling through their timeline they do not want to have to struggle to read the post.

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