Software License Management – Manage Risks and Costs of Software Compliance

When it comes to large-scale enterprises, there is no other task that is more difficult than purchasing and managing software. Software licenses and contracts come in a variety of different formats. Whilst on one side of the fence, we have small vendors who sell simple licensing at low prices; there are others who provide software licenses via contracts worth multi-million dollar. License complexity is not the only challenge that the organizations face. In last few years, majority of software vendors have been working in enforcement actions, audits and various activities which leave the IT departments of organizations lying in the list of companies with high revenues. There are various options available for managing the compliance of the installed software including consultation and technologies. Software License Management tends to play a crucial role for managing the risks and the cost associated with software compliance.

How Does Software License Management Work?

Software License Management enables the organizations for managing various types of software licenses. The application is responsible for running compliance check from time to time in order to verify the software licenses that are ensured in all the systems in an organization. The compliance level is calculated with the help of locality i.e. the company, its location and the department. It generates events which are deployed for triggering notifications to warn the license managers about all the compliance issues that occur in the network. The compliance is calculated on the basis of license count usage as well as the software package’s expiration level.

Factors to Look Forward In Software License Management

IT department of every organization have plethora of options available when it comes to choose a software license management program. However, there are a certain parameters which can be used to determine the suitable program for your organization. They are:

  1. Compatibility With the Cloud

The traditional approaches of governing the cloud services do not turn out to be productive. Therefore, look for a program which is highly compatible with the desktop as well as the cloud.

  1. Compatibility With Big Vendors

The high potential costs and the greatest risk come from the big software selling vendors. Therefore, identify the major vendors of the organization by focusing on the top 3 highest spending vendors.

  1. Easy Procurement

This is yet another factor in which a license management program should be good. The program should be compatible with the applications used for managing the contracts. Integrating with such a software package will give a better control over the applications.

Thus, deploying a Software License Management is vital for organizations which look forward to manage the risks and the cost associated with compliance management.

Security with Application Controls

Application controls are the practices which restrict or block unauthorized applications that put the network security at risk. The main objective of this parameter is to ensure that the security and privacy of organizational data in order to prevent data breaches and transmission of internal data to external sources. Thus it ensures that the organizational data remains secure and within the confinement of the organization network.

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