Traditional Vs Digital: Which is the Best to Promote Your Business

When you are promoting your business it can be hard to decided what the best choice is for your budget and the type of business. The decision for a lot of businesses is choosing betweent traditional or digital promotional techniques. Traditional techniques usually include things such as television, radio, newspapers, magazines and billboards. On the flip side there is digital, which includes things such as adverts on websites, search engine marketing and social media marketing. This article aims to help in choosing which promotional tool is best for your business.

Traditional Promotion

A great thing about traditional marketing is that it is a wonderfull way for a business to reach customers on a regional or local level. This can be done across all forms of traditional communications as it easy to segment the way your are pushing tout your content. Another wonderful thing about traditional marketing is that it also gives the possibility of face-to-face contact through forms of direct marketing which allow you to speak to customers which allows you to develop brand personality.

Digital Promotion

A primary aspect of digital marketing that makes it so desirable is the fact that you can easily tailor it around specific demographics, including a persons age, location and interests. Which makes it a dream for businesses who need to make sure that they are reaching their target market. Also when digital marketing is done well, it will them give the opportunity for positive two-way communication with the businesses customers. Not only does this allow for instant feedback with your customers, it also gives you the opportunity to enhance your brand personality through the way you interact with your customers.

So, which is Better?

It is important to remember that both promotional techniques do have their downsides as well. For example, an issue that comes with traditional promotion is the fact that you can’t always track the way each thing is having an effect on your business in terms of sales or enquires. An issue with digital marketing that if you want to make sure that is successful, you may have to actually invest a lot of money into it and it can also take a lot of time.

So because both of these techniques have issues when you are trying to promote your business, the recommendation would be to try and integrate both marketing techniques together in to one campaign. This can be done by using traditional techniques such as handing out goodie bags or lanyards and branding them and then tweeting about it on social media to create a fully created campaign.

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