Revving Up Your Content Marketing and Local SEO Campaigns

Okay so you’re either ready to launch a site or you’re intending on improving an existing one, and you’re going to do some content marketing to get your Local SEO game on.  Well, in order to do that, you’re going to need some friends: Customers.

That’s right, in today’s world your customers can be a major factor in surges of traffic and exposure but you’ve got to get them to want to participate with your site and that calls for some strategy.

First thing is your site has a blog.  A blog is how you interact with the public with news about yourcompany, goods, and services.  Also you’ll talk about deals, sales, discounts that the public is aching for.  You need to update it with good SEO and in particular, good Local SEO.  Get precise and miss no opportunity to do so.

Next is social networking.  Just one customer can lab about your business on social media and the next thing you know you’re getting a tsunami of targeted organic traffic which is what you want overall.  When that type of traffic comes in, you want your site to have interactive options that will engross them as well as get them to participate by posting, commenting, sharing, and more.  You’ll need to answer these people in a timely manner and it might be better to hire a blog manager who can interact with these people on a constant basis so that visitors feel like they’re dealing with a real and lively site.  That their concerns and problems are being addressed and that their opinions and testimonials have value.
It’s up to you to realize that people interacting with your site are just like when people stop by a brick and mortar office or store.  People like to gab and chat with one another.  Let’s say you sell a new product to someone with 5,000 fans on Facebook and that person takes a video of their success with your product or service and posts it with a link to your site.  Well you’re cooking with grease now and that means those 5,000 people and their collective friends lists which could lead into 7 figures of public is a potential windfall of traffic and customers.
Your blog should not be static and won’t be if you keep up with it weekly and monthly.  After a while you’ll have enough posts that cover so many relevant keywords, key phrases, and key groups that with precise Local SEO applied you’ll be the go-to person for the products and services you offer in your area.
Remember, the goal here is to not only get customers, but to dominate the search results as the primary site for your location.

There are many variations to a theme here and lots of ways to get people interested and coming back and recommending your site.  Offer blog only exclusive deals and discounts.  Hold a contest, and post the results with lots of ruffles and flourishes to the winner.  People will then come to see your site and it’s business as the comfortable place to do business and they’ll automatically recommend you to their associates.  It’s content marketing in the modern age and it takes lots of work.  Don’t think you can skate by and hire some pitiful writer on the cheap.  No, your customers deserve the best and that means content that keeps them happy.  Hire the best and you’ll get the best.

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