Top 8 Project Management Tools for E-commerce Business

Utilizing the power and flexibility of E-commerce has become quite popular for the retail industry in recent times. Businesses tend to save a lot by not having physical, offline stores and by making full use of the evolving technology to provide a seamless online shopping experience. E-commerce business is a combination of a lot of operations happening simultaneously. We need to look out for operations like fulfilling orders, managing inventories, promoting the business by ads or other offers, sending out newsletters or promotional emails to our subscribers or potential customers and many more. It is quite evident that a simple spreadsheet can no longer be a healthy and efficient option for us if we wish to manage things effectively for our business. This is where Project Management Tools come in handy and help us manage and effectively plan different operations, both simple and complex, at a single place. Let us have a look at some of the some of the top Project Management Tools for E-commerce available out there.

1. Trello

Altassian’s Trello is an excellent Project Management Tool for E-Commerce businesses which operate on a relatively smaller scale. It offers a visual display of our project and is quite beneficial for a team which is more focused on regular software updates (or frequent release). It has a simple layout and is quite easy to use even for non-project managers. Trello is an attractive and effective tool to manage the tasks of an E-Commerce business.

2. Freedcamp

This is one of the most comprehensive project management tools available at our disposal. It contains a central repository for our files and documents. We can also properly track the time spent on a particular task effectively as invoices can be generated for hours spent on it. Freedcamp also helps us to customize the layout by offering a choice of list view or Kanban-style boards on the dashboard. This is undoubtedly one of the best and complete project management tools for E-Commerce available to us.

3. Asana

Asana is yet another complete project management tool which offers us features like the ability to create unlimited tasks, projects, and conversations along with a basic search option and a dashboard. We can only have 15 team members in the free version of Asana whereas the paid one comes with a few more features. Overall Asana has all the components and features that one expects in a project management software and can be a great help to us in managing the proceedings of our E-Commerce business.

4. Basecamp

This is one of the tools which enables us to run the processes of our business in a pretty simple way. We have a centralized location for all the schedules, tasks and other project related information. This enables all the members of the team to be in sync with the latest updates in the project. Basecamp also offers us the ability to restrict the accessibility of a particular part of the project by defining proper access control mechanisms.

5. Proofhub

Proofhub is quite simple and easy to use application which allows us to have fast communication and effective collaboration among members of the project team. It allows members to address a particular problem and provide their views or feedback on the same. We can also conveniently share files and documents across the project and can track the time spent on individual tasks with the help of Proofhub.

6. Teamwork

With a major focus on getting things done, Teamwork allows us to effectively organize the tasks associated with our project. It can also help us reduce a lot of redundant meetings. Teamwork allows effective communication and collaboration among members of the team allowing them to even work from remote locations. This tool makes sure everyone is accountable for the tasks assigned to them in the project.

7. Wrike

Wrike is an effective project management tool for small businesses where we can track different tasks delegated to the team members quite effectively. It has a very small learning curve and is very easy and simple to set up and use. It is better suited for small teams. We get 2 GB of file storage and third-party integrations of various cloud platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive etc.

8. ActiveCollab

This is yet another project management tool which helps us to conveniently track every step of the project development and maintain proper conversation and collaboration within the team. It allows us to properly organize tasks and apply filters so as to focus on a particular part of the project if required. It is quite easy to create tasks, attach relevant files or documents, set due dates and stay notified about updates on the task using ActiveCollab.

These are some of the best project management tools for E-Commerce which can be utilized by small as well as large firms (paid versions may be required depending on team size) to ensure a seamless flow of business proceedings. The aforementioned list of software can be used depending upon the business under consideration, we can list out the features we need out of a project management tool and then choose the best option which fits our requirements.

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