Everything You Need to Know About Wireless LAN Network

Do you know the fact that Wireless Fidelity is well known for the word WiFi? It is a type of wireless networking technology that allows PC and other devices (wired or wireless) to be connected with each other all the time using LAN and to the Internet without taking any help of cables and wires. WiFi can be also referred to WLAN that stands for wireless LAN and 802.11 which is the technical code for the protocol used for Netgear WiFi Extender Setup.

Do have a look at the following types of WiFi:

WiFi Worth and Limitations
WiFi offers gigantic power for communication and has revolutionized LAN in the entire universe. We are really thankful to WiFi and its technology for reaching is and giving us the advantages of connecting to the Internet every time, everywhere. The biggest advantage of WiFi is the portability and features it offers to people and citizens of the nation using laptop, computers and all the smart devices they can switch from one network to another without any worry about wires, signal Droppage or video buffering.

WiFi Hotspots
A WiFi hotspot is the area around a source like router, antennas, extenders, etc (wireless). All wired and wireless devices can connect with each other all the time with the help of WiFi. WiFi hotspots can be found in countless places; campus, offices, cafes, restaurant, hotels even in homes, etc. You can have a private hotspot enable at your home network for your Netgear Genie Setup and also connect multiple devices at the same time. The router or the extender sends the WiFi all through your house and your devices can be connected with it without any help of Ethernet wires.

WiFi Protocols (802.11)
WiFi is actually a protocol that consist a series of rules prevailing how conduction of data is carried on a network. The code name given by IEEE to the family of protocols is 802.11, which is found by WiFi. The 802.11g is the most recent and superior version with higher rate of broadcast, speed, wider range and the collection of letters usually meant for WiFi (a, b, and g).

WiFi Equipments
Here, you might need those devices that are filled with the services of a WiFi and those devices can be any wired or wireless. In case of wired devices, you can need the help of Ethernet cables, cards or adaptors. When purchasing of a new device, make sure that it has the feature that supports 802.11g, WLAN or a WiFi. If your existing device does not support such features, don’t worry because you can still have a USB WiFi adaptor to make your device running with the upcoming technology of the Internet. After that you might want to switch to software named WiFi Connection Management Software in-built in it.

How can a WiFi beneficial to you
A WiFi can be beneficial to you in many ways:
1. It provides mobility and a SSID to create of your choice.
2. Ask you always whether you want to go public or stay private.
3. Allow its priceless user to connect all its smart wired or wireless devices to the Internet anytime, anywhere.
4. Provides a safe, secure and reliable network that is completely hacker resistance.
5. It also makes LAN more vibrant, scalable and flexible.
6. Gives an obliging hand in Netgear WiFi Extender Setup and has the capability of spreading its range of Internet speed all over the house.

Saving Money on Communication – WiFi and Voice over IP

Well, now the time has come for you to know about the feature that most users are not aware of. Yes, Voice over IP, it is the godfather of an ordinary advantage. This feature is extraordinary that allows people to communicate with each other from one place to another. Using VoIP on your smart device in the range of a WiFi hotspot can give you the access to make unlimited free calls all over the world.

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