Top 5 Global Universities in Netherlands to Earn Degree in AI

Technology has played a crucial in almost every industry like software, healthcare, etc. However, artificial intelligence has taken tech to the core of organizations.

For example, from essential medical devices to self-driving vehicles, AI is being integrated into almost every program.

Artificial Intelligence at Global Level

The global market size of artificial intelligence was estimated at USD 136.55 billion in the year 2022. Now, it is expected to witness a huge increase in the annual growth rate (CAGR) of 37.3% from the year 2023 to 2030.

Tech giants such as Apple Inc.; Google LLC;, Inc.; Facebook; Microsoft, etc. are heavily investing in AI research. Such companies have AI consultant that are working to make AI available for enterprise use cases.

Influence of Artificial Intelligence in Netherlands

The AI revolution is here to stay – and the Netherlands is one of those countries that are highly influenced by it.

In the past few years, the Netherlands created plans to put its resources into the development of AI. Artificial Intelligence research has become one of the strengths of this country. Companies are hiring talents who have good experience in this industry.

Today, multiple renowned universities in the Netherlands are well-known for offering quality bachelor’s degrees. They have designed quality AI certification programs for students to deliver knowledge about developing intelligent devices, such as robots.

Besides robotics, lessons about other AI fields like data mining and image recognition are also delivered in great detail.

With AI and machine learning gaining popularity at a fast pace, in this blog, you’ll get to know about top universities in the Netherlands that can give your career an edge.

Top Renowned Universities in Netherlands to Learn Artificial Intelligence

Learn about various prestigious universities that are providing courses or degrees and helping professionals to make careers in the AI field.

  1. University of Amsterdam

This prestigious university needs no introduction. It offers the best bachelor’s program in AI that is specifically designed for students to analyze intelligence from various fields. Students here pursuing the best ai ml certification program do intense research on how computers can copy human thinking and perform required actions in a better way.

Also, the students are encouraged to wonder how regular actions can be made more competent utilizing computer technology and various algorithms. This university makes AI interdisciplinary with more focus on computer science and programming, philosophy, mathematics, logic, cognitive psychology, etc.

  1. Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS)

JADS is a collaboration between the Municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Province of North Brabant, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), and Tilburg University. This university provides various data science programs which include bachelor as well as master programs.

JADS follows a unique approach by bringing students and researchers together and encouraging them to work combinedly with the business community.

This exceptional collaboration is not just meant to make people learn about data science and AI. Its programs are designed to help people take a data-driven approach and turn into entrepreneurs.

  1. Utrecht University

This renowned university provides 2 years master’s program that leads to an MSc degree in AI. The program is focused on the implementation of modern techniques used in the design of modern AI.

The AI program at this university is prepared from the union of four different departments: psychology, philosophy, linguistics, and computer science. This really helps to give your AI career a leading edge.

Learning AI at Utrecht University is different from other universities in the Netherlands as it offers a wide spectrum of courses. Also, the course focuses on logical thinking and theory, which makes it a little technical.

  1. Radboud University

This university provides a bachelor’s degree in AI. It offers 3 years program created to understand and prepare the brain to think logically. With electives, this university enables students to personalize the program and has numerous close collaborations with different globally prestigious research universities

The AI program offered by this university is not only about learning but to offer an experience to students that help them pick a complete part of their program studying abroad.

Its AI certification program is designed to learn about human cognition and even, model artificial intelligence by implementing computer science, mathematics, and various exact sciences.

  1. University of Groningen

This university provides a bachelor’s degree in the area of AI. The program has a specific selection process that takes place to choose the right candidates for this class. After selection, the enrolled bachelor’s students will primarily investigate the intelligence of humans.

After rigorous investigation, students will start the process of crafting new intelligent computers. Also, the program encourages students to build user-friendly products. This 36-months course provides as part of the science and engineering faculty that follows an interdisciplinary curriculum and concentrates on practical applications.

The list doesn’t end here. There are many more AI credentials providers worldwide like United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII®) that offer the best ai ml certification. Do more research on the internet to learn about more universities offering premium AI programs.

In Conclusion

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no more a niche-relevant research field that focuses on the technology of the future. Also, we can witness the demand for AI specialists and engineers increasing rapidly, which makes it important for professionals to earn a degree in Artificial Intelligence.

We hope that you have gained a lot of information about the above-listed universities. If you’d like to get ready to make a well-paid career in AI, taking up the AI certification course can help you achieve your goals.

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