3 Unique Ways You Can Use Your Facebook Cover Image for Business

Are you a business owner who is trying to find appealing ways to entice your target consumers so that they choose you above all other competitors who are hankering equally for their attention? If yes, then surely you know how helpful social media can be for you. And if you are wondering which social media platform can be the best option to help you promote your business, then the answer is Facebook. With the whopping number of 2.07 billion monthly active users and more than 50 million business pages, Facebook is certainly the game changer in the world of brand marketing. On one hand, it helps the consumer to connect with the brand on a personal level; on the other, it lets the brand gain more credibility. But when it comes to leading your audience to your website or selling your products with the help of the page, it becomes a bit tricky.

So, when you are wondering how you can get more traffic on your website and generate more leads that might offer more chances of conversion, you must know how to use all the features of the page to their maximum potential. One such feature can be your Facebook business page cover image. So, here, you will get the ultimate Facebook business page tips and tricks to perk up the cover image and enjoy more benefits from it. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Appeal and Inspire

When a user clicks on the page link and lands on the Facebook page, the first thing that welcomes them is the cover. Hence, this can be a really useful tool to create an immediate impression in the mind of the visitor. So, try to appeal to the consumer first. If you are a food business or a clothing brand, appealing to the senses is necessary for you. The cheese dripping from the pizza or the gorgeous material of a beautiful gown should attract the audience the moment they see it. If you are a service provider, let your audience think that you can read their minds. Offer in such a way that makes them feel that this is exactly what they need.. Make sure the image inspires them to engage as well. Flaunt your brand, tell a story in a subtle way with your design, and let your potential customers do the rest.

Value Proportion and Niche Audience

cover image of your page gives you a golden chance to put across the message of your brand, use it wisely. Tell the audience about your offerings with an attractive tagline that will immediately help your consumer understand your value. Also, instead of targeting generic visitors, try to appeal to your niche audience. If you have a page on games, then surely you don’t want to attract the booklovers, who are totally an irrelevant audience for your business. Make sure your target audience quickly understands your business is for them.

Promote Hashtags

Hashtags are a powerful way to promote your business. Often marketers neglect adding it in the image since it won’t come in the index results if searched with the tag. However, if you use the Hashtags for your business on the cover image design, it will certainly create a visual appeal that will surely attract the consumers. An interesting fact is that there are some huge brands that have used this technique and succeeded in keeping the audience, looking for newer promotions, glued to the space.

So, now as you know about the above-mentioned tricks to maximize the chances of getting more leads from your Facebook business page, what are you waiting for? Start designing today while keeping these points in mind.

Author Bio: Jordon Smith is a famous blogger and an expert on Facebook business page tips and tricks. Here, he talks about designing tricks you can use on your Facebook page cover image to maximize the chances of getting more leads for your business.

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