Most Popular Custom Website Design Types That Suit Your Unique Requirements

The design is the process of collecting the data and information and representing all of it in a well-formatted visual style. The idea is to grab audience’s attention via visual mediums without compromising the message that we need to send across. From single image to multilayered custom website design the scope of testing your creativity is endless. Colours, fonts, gallery, and button styles all when beautifully placed together give a definition to a brand online and help it building its strong image online.

When considering a custom website design, there are some standard layouts that have outshined other types of layouts. Here’s the list of those layouts;

Static Page Layout

As the name suggests, a static page layout has fixed size which doesn’t change with browser width. For example; a static page website might have a width of 960 pixels no matter on what device or browsers it is opened. It contradicts the responsive website design, but its advantages over other layouts still let it hold a strong position. Static page websites are lightweight, costs less than dynamic website layouts. App owners that don’t have anything to show on their website rather than just a link to their app in the app store and play store generally use the static page layout.

Dynamic Website Layout

Dynamic website layout got introduced in the early 2010s and sooner than one can expect it grabbed the market by storm. With dynamic website layout, developers can produce various contents for various visitors based on their browser and device from the same source code file. It’s the modernized version of static page layout.

Fluid or Liquid Design Layout

Fluid design layout or liquid design layout uses relative units instead of fixed units. It uses percentage above pixels. This makes it different from other design layout types. The width of the web page is adjusted with the browsers or device width. But, an exception to an extremely wide browser is there. A paragraph may be reduced to a single line in case of an extremely wide browser.

Responsive Design Layout

Responsive Design Layout doesn’t need an introduction. It has revolutionized web development services. Even Google had to introduce mandatory responsive website design in its algorithms. You can know by it how important a responsive design would be. Responsive website layout lets the content and media change its size as per the device’s screen dimensions making it easier for the reader to read and access the information. It is the most popular custom website design layout.

Single Page Design Layout

If you can have multiple page website doesn’t mean you should mandatory have a multi-page website. If the purpose is solved by the one-page website, why waste time and money on multiple pages. You can convey your complete message in a few scrolls only. It saves user’s time and frees them from the hassle of visiting multiple pages. A single page of multiple pages layout, it all depends on your requirements.

A custom website design layout is available for every website niche type. The layout you choose will be and should be based on your unique requirements. So, choose wisely!

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