Things To Know About The Size Of Download Allowance

When it comes to choosing a broadband package, there are various criteria which are needed to be considered. Alongside speed and cost, download allowance is also one of the factors which you would have to think about.

Download allowance refers to the maximum amount of data that you are permitted to download including movies, music and pictures. It is usually measured in GBs per month. How quickly one reaches the download allowance depends on file sizes and the frequency of the internet usage.

The Infographic titled as “Choose a Suitable Broadband Connection” explains about the size of download allowance required for browsing various following things:

  • For browsing and email, 2GB monthly download limit is required.
  • For the purpose of browsing and on-demand TV, 10-30GB of download limit is needed per month.
  • For browsing, on-demand TV & music and movie downloads, you need 40-80GB of monthly download limit.
  • For browsing, on-demand TV, music and movie downloads and online gaming, 40GB or unlimited download limit is required.

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