The Digital Platform Also Provides Healthcare Service

With a few clicks on the smartphone, one can get the food and groceries delivered, makeup artist and masseuse visit your home or office and you can also get your ride on the door step, all these are possible with the evolution of the on demand service apps. People have adapted themselves to the on demand economy and are using this service in their day to day life.

Now with the help of the mobile app you can book for any service that is necessary and within one or two hours you will be provided with that particular service. In the effort of improving the healthcare service many companies have developed tele-medical apps that can also provide the necessary service to those people who are in need of the medial service.

We had to run to the hospital and wait for hours to meet the doctor, with the help of the digital platform, it is easy to get the medical service at the place where we stay. Any medical help or aid like allergies, stitches, lab works, prescriptions and others can be treated by simply booking an appointment with the help of the Medicare apps.

Need for on demand Medicare

The need for an on demand healthcare service was one of the earliest needs because with the increased population and inaccessibility of the hospitals in many areas. It was difficult for the people to reach out to the doctor or visit the hospitals at emergency situations or due to other reasons, so there was a necessity for the on demand healthcare service.

Children’s Medicare app

In 2015, PediaQ app was launched which provides healthcare for the children. They have professional and experienced nurse practitioners who have also attended a special training with the PediaQ before attending the medical cases. People can book an appointment for the nurse visit and they will reach the patient’s place within an hour, they treat all kinds of sicknesses and diseases from pink eye to cold to flu. The main advantage of PediaQ is that they accept insurance carriers and if the parents wish they can also get the information about the child’s health and send it to their pediatrician.

The company has completed around three thousand house calls and they have good reviews on the social media websites. The service is available from 2am to 10pm during the weekdays and in the weekends they are available from 8am to 10pm. The general charge for the house call service is one hundred and fifty dollars and the client having to pay an extra charge for the prescription pickups, lab works or injections.

Dental service

In San Francisco the Studio Dental provides its mobile dental service to the people who have no time to visit their dentist for a regular dental checkup. This mobile dental service directly comes to the patient’s place; it can be their home or office. The dental studio is designed in such a way that all the things that are present in the studio are multifunctional and it has two patient chairs and an X-ray machine. The patients can book the appointment and they will receive a reminder from the company before it reaches the patient’s place. The payments can either be made online or via the credit card. In a week, the dentist treats almost one hundred patients.

House call nurse

The Go2Nurse sends nurses to the patient’s house to help them in assisting senior citizens or take on the pregnancy women at home. When you need medical assistance, you can book an appointment for the nurse to visit the patient’s place and provide the required service. The service charge for an hour is one hundred dollars. Apart from the visit of the health professionals, the patients can also talk to the doctors and nurses about any medical queries. The app has a translator that can accept the English language and it repeats those phrases in Spanish. Since the app has an electronic medical record, the nurses can include the information of the patients.

Even the independent nurses can register with the app and they can also offer medical service during their free time.

Doctors on call

The Medicast app sends house call doctors to the places where there is a need for medical assistance. Once when the request for the doctor is made by the patient, the app locates the doctors, those who are available to take the call and are near the area. The doctor who visits the patient takes with them a medical kit in which they have both the injectable as well as oral medications.

There is another app called the Pager which also sends the medical professionals to the patient’s call. The doctors are available all through the year and they work from eight in the morning to ten at night, and with some extra charge they provide medical assistance during the weekends and night times. The patients can also contact the doctors through the emails, phones or video calls and seek medical assistance and clarify their doubts regarding any sickness or diseases.

Drug store on wheel

There is a digital platform that provides the drug delivery service that will deliver the prescribed drugs to the customers place. When the user uses the app for the first time it asks them to enter the location of the pharmacy where their medical prescription is sent by their physician along with the details of the insurance carriers and the payment details. The person who picks the drugs from the drug store go through the HIPAA awareness course, drug screening and background check.

The payments from the drug store are handled by the app and thus the costs of the drugs are charged after the deduction of the insurance and the delivery fee. The delivery charge is only ten dollars.

Similar to Zipdrug, the PillPack app also delivers the prescribed medicines to the customers place and the charges are also similar to that of the other companies. The people working under the app undergo background verification and screening.

The TinyRx is the on demand app service that provides the drug delivery service to the customers. Apart from delivering the drugs to the customers place, they also look out for the drug stores where the customers can get the medications at lower prices. The app has tie ups with many pharmaceuticals so that they are able to be purchase medicines at a lower price than the other on demand drug delivery services.

Healthcare for mental disorder

When there a lot of health care services available in the industry, the Medicare service for the people who are affected by mental disorder is not available, and thus a new app was launched and it is called the Emotilink. With the help of this app, the people can look out for someone with whom they can talk and share their feelings and emotions and take advices from them. When you have a bad day and need someone to talk to, you can talk to the therapist with the help of this app. Apart from the details of the person with whom you have spoken earlier, there will be records made about the session. The app ensures that the things that are spoken between the therapist and the clients are confidential.

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