Some Productivity Hacks for a Content Marketer

Content marketing is growing day by day and if you are a content marketer in one of the prominent agencies or organisations, your hands will be full throughout the week. From conceptualisation to implementation, content marketing is a highly intensive work, which needs total focus all the time.

Earlier content marketers had a lot of time in their hands and the competition was scarce. Productivity was not a big word. But, with the growth of the internet, the workload of content marketers has grown huge. To juggle between meetings, client meetings and other tasks, it has become imminent for content marketers the need of some helpful tips to maintain their productivity.

If you are a content marketer and is looking for some ‘hacks’ that will help you in your productivity, then the following tips will be very useful to you. Here are some few ways you can earn yourself some valuable time:

  • Record your work time

After working whole day, you find that you have a lot of tasks still remaining. What happened? Where did you spend all your time? If you haven’t kept a record of your working hours, you probably can never answer those questions. It is utmost important to keep a tab on what you have done and how you spent your time. There are a lot of time-keeping tools that you can use like Toggl or timecamp. This will help you to understand how and where you spend your time.

  • Become a power searcher and a master researcher

Do you take too much time to research on a topic? Research usually takes up a lot of time. It is the main reason that content marketers feel like they are wasting a lot of time. You can save a lot of time if you are a search expert and find the right information you are looking for quickly.

You can learn from some of the educative information of Google’s help page on how to make your search effective and quick. You can save a lot of time if you can get the results from your first few searches.

  • Block out websites that distract you

Most of the work that you do is online, so it is possible that you may wander off to other websites which are totally unrelated to your work. The temptation is always there to check out for a few minutes; but those few minutes may turn into hour and there is no going back. Turn off all those websites that is sure to make you less productive.

Most of the social media websites are sources of distraction. Just one message or post from one of your friend may end up into a long conversation. Though, they are great source of news and current affairs, they are more on the negative side of productivity. If you cannot block them permanently, you can at least block them for a certain period using tools and apps like Self Control.

  • Do most of your content strategy in the morning

Your mind is the freshest and your brain works best during the morning period. This is a scientifically backed fact. So those activities that require a lot of attention like content strategy should be done during that period.

The morning period is also when one is least likely to be distracted by a colleague or a phone call. The first thing that you should do is get your strategies placed out every morning, and then only start with the emails and regular daily routine.

  • Learn to control your email inbox

Is your inbox inundated with a lot of emails and you find it difficult to find the important ones? Then it is time you should start organising your inbox. The new Inbox by Gmail is a great way to categorise and organise your emails according to their importance and relevance. You will find that organising your emails will actually save a lot of time.

  • Learn shortcuts and use productivity tools

When you are glued to your computer and keyboard for most of your work, it is always easy and time saving to learn some of the shortcuts. Start with some of the basic shortcuts.

For making your work easier, you can always go for tools that increase your productivity. There are a lot of different apps and tools. You can use Buffer to automate your content publication. You can use MailChimp to make your email campaigns easy. And for keeping a tab on all your to do lists and content plans you can use the Evernote app.

It is a difficult job for a content market to keep up with the immense responsibilities that every day has to give. The above tips will help to make their jobs easy.

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