Social Media Marketing In 2017: What’s Next?

Social media has in no time emerged to be a game changer in the marketing world. From the age of Orkut, we moved into the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn era. Social media marketing plays a pivotal role in building brands. All around us we see brands B2C and even B2B, heavily leveraging social media to touch base with relevant customers. Today, it’s simply not about connecting one user to another, but more about making social media a bridge that connects user base to the brands. This makes social media an integral part of the marketing mix.

As we step into 2017, let’s give ourselves a heads up in terms of what this New Year will bring in into the social media marketing world and what the social media strategists need to focus on:

Live video content will rule the roost.

In its 2016 annual recap, users used Periscope to watch 110 years of live video every day using the app. And just this New Year’s Eve, live streaming on Facebook reached record-breaking numbers around the globe. Apart from Periscope and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter launched their versions of live video streaming in November and December 2016, respectively.

Users want to remain up to date on all that’s happening around the world and that too in real time. Live videos up the engagement factor and audiences are naturally attracted to all visuals. There is no end to how brands can use live streaming. They can use it to cover events, host Q&A shows with experts, give product demonstrations and even conduct e-learning capsules. Live video content is definitely on the rise and it is going to stay that way. 43% plan to use interactive video this year, according to new survey data from Wyzowl.

Brands will introduce and lean on messaging apps.

With websites being gradually replaced with mobile apps, more and more companies are leaning towards providing customer service through apps. No more waiting in queue or being put on hold when you call a company for help or inquiry. Apps are being deployed for better two way communication and faster and more effective customer service.

A great example is how Hyatt makes use of Facebook Messenger for providing 24-hour customer service, where guests can make reservations, ask questions, and get recommendations for their trips.

Introducing a parallel world

Another important trend to watch out for is Virtual and Augmented reality. By putting in place such new technologies; marketers will be able to offer immersive engagement to the audience. Instead of learning through a PowerPoint presentation or even a video for that matter, would it not be a different experience altogether to be sitting in a virtual classroom, with students? Think about it. With virtual and augmented reality, marketers will be able to up the game like never before.

Self-generated content will drive successful brands

Last but definitely not the least, 2017 will only enhance the presence of user-generated content. The age of brand-oriented sales messages seem like a thing of the past. Today, consumers themselves are turning into brand ambassadors and the consumers’ word has become the holy grail for the marketers and potential consumers alike. Consumers are taking to social media to recommend or refer brands that they had good experience with and bash the ones that weren’t as good. 2017 will be about hashtags, mentions and more of self-generated content.

These are just some of the trends that the world of Media Planning Software will witness. 2017 and beyond will be all about enhancing two-way communication, bettering interactivity and creating more responsiveness in the social media world.

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