Content Matters: 5 Marketing Mistakes You Need To Avoid

A well-planned and properly executed marketing strategy can uplift the reputation of your website or business in the digital society.

Producing high-quality blogs and posts that give answers and solutions to the problems of your audience is a sure ticket to success.

Impressive contents are very effective tool for promoting your business, but it doesn’t work on its own. The battle doesn’t just stop from creating good content. You also need to devise strategies that will boost its visibility on social media platforms and search engines.

Bad cases of content marketing campaigns, on the other hand, will bear different fruit. Sloppy and mediocre contents will only ruin the reputation of your business and website online instead of attracting more visitors and generating sales. You might not have experience and the possible worst scenario is that you will remain stagnant in your niche. This is not good especially if you invested all your efforts and resources in developing contents.

The big question now is how to improve your content marketing campaigns? Take your cue from the mistakes of other developers and start mending your blunders.

Here are the top five mistakes that every content writer and marketer should avoid:

1. Repetitive Contents

Now, you decide to write about a topic that’s currently making a buzz on the web. Probably, you have a goal to write an evergreen post that you can utilize for a long time. Well, yes, that’s good. But, come to think of it, can you offer the same facts or add a new perspective about the same facts that are already available online?

Reorganizing and rephrasing information that is already featured on different websites and blogs won’t give you the results that you want. You’re just going to waste your time over the content that won’t attract the reader’s attentions.

The rule of thumb is: Be a leader, not a follower. So, be a topic-digger, offer real-life examples, add your twists and infuse appealing infographics that capture the essence of your contents.

2. Failure to Build Connections

The core purpose of content marketing is to promote your products, your brand or your website to your target audience. You might have the goals of creating a meaningful connection to your existing and potential clients, but your efforts shouldn’t stop from there.

Your relationship to your competitors is just as important. As a matter of fact, you cannot use the term ‘competition’ for content writers and influential bloggers in your niche.

Publishing your pieces on popular websites and blogs is easy. All you need to do is build connections, provide high-quality content and return the favor. When influential personalities promote your content, a lot of readers will be interested to click your link. And, you will have them exactly where you want them to be – at your website.

3. Failure to Produce Interesting Headline

A shoddy headline can easily destroy your best post, but a well-curated one can generate more readers better than mediocre ones.

This is what you should aim: A clever headline with an impressive post.

There’s no need for you to avoid using keywords in this part, you just need to blend them naturally within the context. Unfortunately, most of the content writers choose to omit the keywords in the headlines because they think big words are smart choices. Well, they’re not.

Headlines are the most crucial factor that will carry your post on the first page of results in Google. People use particular words or phrases when searching online. Headlines should contain the necessary keywords, but you need to make them descriptive, unique and exciting.

4. Poor Backlinking Techniques

Backlinks are as equally important as keywords. Unfortunately, some marketers and content writers go overboard when it comes to backlinking strategies.

You might think that the more links you can generate, the higher chance you can put your page on search engine rankings, somehow it’s true.

Good links will enhance the credibility of your website, however, if your pages get weak links or spammy sites that are heavy on ads, your backlinking strategy will backfire on you.

Be sure to check if your links come from official websites. Pay attention to existing links too and see to it if there are ineffective or broken backlinks that you need to remove. The process will take a significant chunk of your time and effort, but you shouldn’t fret because it’s all for the good of your content marketing strategy.

5. Ignoring SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Unless, you’re already well-versed in SEO, ignoring its presence and the things that it can offer to your business is a big mistake!

If you think wit and talent alone can attract an audience, you’re totally wrong. Yes, skills are essential, but it’s only one part of the equation. SEO, for your information, is the most important part of content marketing strategy.

Remind yourself that the primary purpose of content marketing is to attract as many readers as possible and convert them into potential customers to generate sales. The part where you need to turn visitors into customers depends heavily on the contents of your website.

And, the part of generating clicks is all about SEO. Don’t dismiss the fact that search engines bring valuable traffic to your site. Make your contents as visible as possible.

If you’re not that confident with your SEO skills, there are reputable digital marketing companies you can rely on to like SEO Brisbane that can offer you comprehensive and quality marketing strategies to enhance the state of your business.


What distinguishes successful marketers from the crowd is that they recognize and accept their mistakes and fix them. That’s what you exactly need to right now, so be ready and get to work!

Author Bio:

Wade Cockfield is the owner and founder of Wade Cockfield Executive SEO Company, a digital agency based in Australia. His company offers various services in marketing content strategies and development for different companies. When time permits, he spends his time writing about SEO and commercialization and shares them with his avid followers and readers. Besides SEO, he also devotes his time reading about sports, news, politics and general events.

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