How You Can Write A Blog Post That Generates Traffic

As a writer, you will be asked by clients to write blog posts. So how do you write one that gets people to visit that particular website?

Writing blog posts and writing articles is just the same thing. They follow similar rules. In fact, if you have written great articles then you have actually written blog posts. To write a great blog post, these tips are very important if followed accordingly.

Use catchy headings
There is a lot of content online. Each day millions are uploaded. The only way to get people to read what you have written is to accompany your content with a catchy heading.
A catchy heading will invite people to read you blog post. People are always curious to know knew things so design your heading in such a manner that it tries to talk about something people do not know. This way you win.

Great first paragraph
Your first paragraph is very important. It will determine whether your blog post will be read or not. It is the point where the reader makes a decision whether to continue reading or to stop. Try to make a great impression with your first paragraph. You can begin by some statistics, a quote, a joke or any other relevant concept depending on your target audience. Just make sure that it is impressive.

Relevant body
Maintain the momentum of the first paragraph and the heading. Do not go away from the topic while you are in the middle of it. Keep at it until the end. Ensure that your body remains relevant and in line with what you are writing. The reader should feel that you have fulfilled the promise you made in the heading and in the first paragraph. Consistency is very important.

Some blog posts do not have conclusions though it is very important. Make sure you give a conclusion. A conclusion assures the reader. And many like to be assured. So why not do it. Use the conclusion to give your final verdict, recommendation or any other issue you are talking about in your blog post.

Word count
It has been proven that search engines love high word count. So make it a habit of writing 450 words and above. However, you can throw in 300-word blog posts once in a while. It makes it natural. There is no harm in doing this. Above all write for the people first, search engines later.
Lastly, make it as interesting as possible. You can use quotes, polls, any media you can come across that can help you make your blog post outstanding. There is no limit. Be creative.

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