Mistakes With Your Content Strategy And Its SEO Impact

We know how SEO plays an important role in boosting the site’s performance and visibility on the internet. We also know that every element of SEO has to come good to make optimization a success. As content is a big contributor to optimization success, you should be careful with it. Your content strategy has to flawless and in accordance with the Google algorithm.

In a sense, your website needs only the best SEO Service to rank higher in search engines and become more visible online. For that to happen, your content has to stay away from a lot of mistakes. It has to take care of a lot of factors.

Here are those common mistakes that take place with your content strategy:

Content with keyword stuffing

There was a time when content was stuffed with keywords to gain ranking mileage. Even if this strategy benefited websites and delivered with superior rankings, it deteriorated the quality of search results. This is when Google and other search engines decided to stop anyone from taking undue advantage out of keywords. So, be careful and don’t stuff keywords.

Lack of depth in the content

Earlier, websites easily got away with posting contents without any merit or value. Such content neither helped users in any way nor added any value. More so, such content was largely devoid of information or enrichment, and only focussed on search engines to gain ranking mileage. This strategy no longer works.

Short-form content length

Not long ago, it was ok to publish blog posts or articles of small denominations, say of some 200 to 300 words. This strategy won’t work now as short-from content won’t delve deep into a topic or idea and as a result, lack quality or value. You got to focus on writing content with longer length say 700 to 1500 words articles.

No keyword at all in the content

A good number of websites don’t use any keyword at all and rather focus on the natural flow of writing. They however miss the trick and lose a lot of ranking benefits. Natural flow apart, they should also focus on staying away from generic keywords or phrases and rather focus on long-tail keywords. Descriptive phrases will work big time.

Fresh and original content

A site that updates it content regularly gains more ranking benefits than those that not. Duplicate content is a big no, and no portion of the content should lack originality. Make sure to post regularly and post only original content.

Faulty guest posting

Guest posting can help a great deal only if done ethically. You have to be careful about the site you submit your posts or invite posts. Make sure the site you are exchanging links or posts belong to your domain or category, as this means you follow the natural order set by search engines.

In a nutshell, you should hire only an experienced SEO company to keep your website free from faulty content strategy. So, take care with your hiring and gain ranking benefits.

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