Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing post COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected almost everybody’s lives. Nowhere before the coronavirus outbreak was the concept of the digital world explored this much. People are now learning and understanding the opportunities that the digital world has to offer. The digital world is being used now like never before. Offices and schools have turned online now. Even online shopping has seen a boost during these COVID times. This online wave has given directions to a new wind – Digital Marketing. With almost 100 percent of sales being online, businessmen and vendors have understood the importance of digital marketing. So below are a few of the emerging trends in digital marketing post-COVID-19.

Digital Marketing, a profession?          

Yes, digital marketing should be considered a profession. A study conducted in 2017 said that the need for digital marketers in the economy was 56 percent. However, the same study claimed that the people fulfilling these needs were hardly 24 percent. Moreover, the current need for digital marketing in the economy has increased even more post the COVID-19 outbreak. The good part is that people have started considering digital marketing as a career option. It is thus estimated that the number of skilled digital marketers will at least be tripled before the end of 2021. The coming times will see skilled professionals pursuing digital marketing.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, if used properly can make wonders happen. It can analyze the needs of the customers. The businessmen can study the needs of their customers and act accordingly. It can help them give the desired profit in a very short span if used properly. Even though people have started to understand Artificial Intelligence, its potential has not been used to the fullest till now. The upcoming years will see the extensive and full use of artificial intelligence. If used properly, artificial intelligence can altogether show a new era of digital marketing.

Merged Advent

Digital Marketing cannot be done single-handedly. It will not work that way. Companies will have to seriously consider new techniques and methods. Online surveys and reviews will play a major role in shaping a company’s future in the coming era. Even ads should be precisely placed. If not done correctly, things can go wrong. The entire digital marketing field is delicate. Companies should know how to work with digital marketing. They have to learn to include digital marketing in their top priority list. Not only must companies learn to use them but they should also learn to take the advantages and must continually strive to satisfy their customers “virtually”.

Importance of Content

Content plays an important role in pleasing people. Thus, this is a digital marketing field that will grow. The internet has loads of content today. Content is the king of e-commerce. Without satisfying content, companies will never be able to attract a big lot of consumers. Good content will always drive customers and will also keep them engaged. With digital marketing growing at such a great pace post-COVID-19 pandemic, the space for content has also increased. Thus, the opportunities that it has to offer have also increased after COVID-19.

Video advertising

App developers are exploring new places in the digital world. They are updating their features so that they can create customer loyalty and reduce the shift between different apps. App companies promote features like how Instagram promotes reels, LinkedIn stories, and more. This is to get the user hooked to these making it the correct option for businesses to showcase their products or services. This kind of video advertising conveys a large chunk of information in a very short time and helps in promoting the business by leaving a great recall value better than any other ad format can do.


Online purchases and eCommerce business has grown in folds post-Covid-19. This along-with the ability of a chatbot to interact with customers and create real-life interactions makes it a very attractive solution for the growth of businesses. Marketers, however, use this unique opportunity to use chatbots to not only provide immediate customer service but also take advantage of this direct interaction for information and data collection. The novel coronavirus has expanded the use of chatbots by using them in creative ways to help gain customer attention and drive website traffic. The ongoing situation will only make chatbots more prevalent as time goes on.

Shopping Posts

The pandemic of Covid-19 has seen a major increase in online shopping. People were and are still hesitant to go out and shop. Hence, shoppable posts are fast becoming a normal trend. Shoppable posts are found all over the social media platforms and are enabling businesses to gain tremendous power to maximize their eCommerce presence. By clicking on the shopping icon of any product that has been showcased on the social media platforms the customers will be easily directed to the eCommerce website page or check out straight away. This gives a convenient and hassle-free experience to the customers.


The entire digital marketing world has evolved a lot and changed the way business is done. Things have become contactless but thanks to technology the experience is worth it. Click here to know how people are coping up with the new ways to fight back and bring amazing solutions to make their lives easy post Covid-19.

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