Proven Social Media Strategies That Have A Positive SEO Impact

By far, the social signals haven’t been directly factored into the ranking algorithms of Google. However, it is a well-known fact that social media is a sure-shot method to enhance overall SEO performance. You can see hundreds of articles and examples on the internet to prove the effective interplay between search engine optimization and social media.

Let’s review a few tricks to be used in social media promotions. These tips can also help your content to get indexed, and they ensure online benefits through various channels. Many of the leading brands already use social media effectively to establish their brands, and to ensure an efficient customer service. Moreover, social media is also identified as the most effective channel to build and maintain personal relationships. All these positive impacts of social media can effectively reflect on your SEO performance as well.

Effective usage of social media for SEO benefits

  • Brand establishment

The size and reputation of a business or brand are not the direct ranking factor as far as SEO is concerned. But, this can have a significant indirect effect on the SEO initiatives. One can see the ranking and traffic naturally increases as more and more users get to know about your brand through the more personalized channel of social media.

  • Trust building

It is a proven consumer behavior that people tend to link to a site or page, which they trust. Building a strong and effective social following can instantly build the repute to gain more links of trust easily. The shares and tweets through social media done by you are also going to reach more and more people, and the chances of getting links naturally enhances.

  • Customer relations

When there is a problem with a product or service, consumers go online to post a complaint or get an instant solution. Many companies have a direct Facebook page or Twitter account where any of the consumer posts may get instant responses from the support team or experts. This in turn not only improves customer satisfaction, but also enhances the SEO effectiveness. Any SEO company aspiring success should be able to make social media a real ‘wow factor’ to the customers.

  • Leveraging social media relationships

As discussed, links don’t naturally go viral. You have to nudge the co-players for this as curators and content creators get more links. There should be a keen and focused social media effort to keep on building relationships and effectively connecting with others, which can in turn bring in better SEO success.

  • Create an ego bait

This is not new to marketing, but when it comes to social media, this has to be used in a more intelligent and natural way. The most effective way to grab someone’s attention is to mention them within the content, and then let them know it through the social platforms.

  • Get them involved

While planning social media strategies to get SEO benefits, you need to work closely with other content creators and ‘influencers’ by asking for their opinions. You can ask for DIY content, and see what their user experience is. You should also feel confident about asking for links. Once you develop further relationships, work together and try to promote related contents

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