Website Clone Scripts – A Revolutionary Technology

Website cloning is the process of copying the script and design of an original website in order to create a new website with personal modifications to the code. Developers use this process in order to understand the anatomy of an established website. This helps them understand the features which makes a website popular among its users. Dedicated companies are engaged in creation of clone scripts which looks similar to an original website but have great customizable features. They try to provide excellent website clone scripts in order to give it the same appeal as the original website.

Makemytrip clone is one such example of website script cloning. It is a clone/duplicate of the original online travel booking website which enlists various tour packages and information related to accommodation facilities at the travel destination. One can search and choose the best destination for a trip. It acts as a one stop solution to all the travel bookings requirements of an individual.

A startup can kick start their travel booking business by deploying the website clone easily on the server. Dedicated cloning companies create such clone products in order to help their clients with process of taking their business online.

A makemytrip clone scripts created by a cloning company can have following features:

1. Customized payment gateway in order to streamline the process of hotel, flight and travel bookings for the customers. A startup or an already established company can use cloned product in order to provide their own version of payment portal. They can even integrate wallet capabilities in order to make payments through online wallets.
2. Responsive user interface and dedicated search engine for faster travel bookings.
3. Scalable script for making modifications anytime.
4. Multiple language support
5. The open source scripting software like PHP can even help in adding additional features like booking cancellation and saving customer details for faster checkout in the future.

The cloning companies use powerful methods of creating the cloning scripts which includes PHP, MySql, Ajax and HTML5 etc. The company can use any of the above open source software in order to create a robust, customizable script.

Their custom solution enables a startup to run a website similar to MakeMyTrip. However, the ultimate product will be based upon client’s requirements and technological blueprint.

Hiring the services of the cloning companies has several benefits. However, a company can also use online software which has the capability to create a clone of any website. A user only has to enter the details of the website and can start with cloning process. After completion, it can be uploaded on the new server for use by the ultimate customers.

HwInfotech is one such company which provides website cloning service to its client companies. However, it is essential for the businesses to understand that website itself is not completely duplicated. Copying of code used to create an original website is treated as an infringement of the copyright and patents. Moreover, the business cannot have the same logo as the original website.

The cloning service involves copying the concept and functionalities of the original Makemytrip website and not the complete source code. The clone script gives the required flexibility to the company to make required adjustments to the design and functionalities of the website.

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