Exploring Various Video Downloading Apps on The Android Platform

YouTube might allow you to save certain videos offline as relying on third party apps to download videos is a violation of their terms along with conditions. YouTube has gone on to specifically state that you should not download any videos from its platform until and unless there is a red button attached to the side of it.

So, in case you are planning to download a video and if you are not finding the YouTube app convenient,even in the play store there might not be any app for your reference. Hold on! There are a series of third party apps that makes the task of downloading videos a lot easy. Let us now go through the list of these apps

YouTube Go

This is a perfectly legal way so as to download any video on your YouTube app for official viewing. Since this app is formulated by Google, you can combat unnecessary problem. This is a hands-on YouTube downloading app that is available in more than 130 countries. If it is not available in your country, then you can download the Apk file and install it on to your phone. Even this app would allow you to share videos without the need of an internet and that too at high quality. One of the limitations of this app is that it is not going to grab videos from other social networking sites.


For your Android platform this is a powerful video downloading app. Even it is possible to choose from a host of social sites to download the videos. Even it is possible to steam and download videos in any format or quality of your choice. Even it is possible to share the video within this app. This app is customizable and has an impressive UI. The downloading speed is faster and is packed with various themes. Though this app is not available on the Google play store, you can download it from the official site and then install it on your mobile phone. Even you can keep off the ads if you opt for the premium version of this app. Once again it is going to depend upon your personal choice as if you are compatible with ads or need to possess a better viewing experience.


This is a popular video downloading app. You have to opt for an apk file and then venture into Vidmate Install at the earliest. Though you can incorporate your search results in the search bar or can search as per the different categories that are mentioned on the app. The app provides you with a superior downloading speed as you can go on to customize the rate and even the location where you are looking for the downloads to be placed. In addition, there is an in built music player, video and an encrypted space present within this app where you can go on to hide the videos. This app is on top of the frequently downloaded apps.

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