Way Big Data Is Impacting Social Media

Almost all our online activities, including viewing or purchasing products can be tracked easily. One of the reasons why this is possible is the huge role played by social media Tweets, likes, and streams of chats are being recorded by huge social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram every day. As a result of this, companies can take a peek into their customer’s mind using the records given to them by these social media platforms. These companies are then burdened with the responsibility of making good use of the information at their disposal.


A huge chunk of the data that companies have is often structured. This removes any obstacle that may hinder them from using the data provided immediately. Factors like the details of the customers, reward cards, and extracted details from transactional data are quite useful. In fact, they are useful in the setting up of the accounts on most e-commerce websites.

However, the data that is obtained from social media is often unstructured. There is a huge amount of information generated from several online activities like liking a Facebook page or watching ads on YouTube. Other examples of where data is generated are free application downloads and chatting with online customer support.

The conversations recorded from these online activities have little or no significant benefit to these companies. This implies that these companies need to sift through this huge chunk of data to find the information that is valuable to them. For example, any info that shows them customer’s opinions on specific services and products are often considered important. Learn more about this from activewizards.com


The amount of data that huge data industries deals with regularly is often so large that it grows into petabytes. Some programs have been built to help translate these huge chunks of data into something most people can read. This is the info that the companies are after.

Building a program that can translate this data effectively often requires acute technical knowledge. This would mean translating huge data to information that companies can read and use. This also means that companies can employ the use of these programs to identify the effect of each tag, tweet, pin, and check-in on the state of their brand.

Sites on social media often develop customized feeds for their customers using these data. This customization only displays something the customer is interested in. These companies can employ the use of special applications to learn how analysed data can be linked to the touch points of customers on their brand’s website.


The unrestricted access to information via the internet gives customers the ability to decide what product they want to buy. Companies can use specialised applications to target potential customers based on their likes. The use of automated apps for marketing and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) makes targeting customers easy by analysing social media data quickly.

The information provided in this post implies that companies can successfully study the behaviour of customers towards a specific service or product by using the data gotten from social media.


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