Useful Tips to Increase Lifespan & Performance of Dell Laptops

Are you facing troubles with your Dell laptop with respect to its battery’s lifespan and performance? There is no denying the fact that even the most effective laptops out there are going to run out of juice at some point in its life. Before entering into the panic stage, it is recommended to learn properly how you take care of your gadget to maximize its battery life as well as performance throughout.

Dell laptops are amongst some of the most efficient laptop models out there. While they speak high of the technical specifications and the overall performance, you should ensure proper care from time to time to extend its overall lifespan. One effective way is to keep checking the dell laptop warranty from time to time.

How to Improve Dell Laptop’s Performance?

In addition to this, some of the additional tips for increasing the lifespan as well as performance of Dell laptops are:

Keep the Laptop Unplugged

In case you are using your Dell laptop as the desktop replacement, then you should keep it unplugged when you are not using the same. Ensure proper care while unplugging the charger from the wall as well. Otherwise, it will keep consuming electricity. You should aim at reducing your individual carbon footprint to the maximum possible limit.

Charge Only When Needed

When you tend to keep the laptop at its charging status all the time, it only tends to weaken its battery power in the long run. Soon enough, you will have to keep the same plugged in all the time. This is exactly something that you are trying to avoid. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that you are charging the Dell laptop only when the laptop makes you aware that it requires charging. As soon as the battery gets full, you should unplug the charger of the laptop.

Remove the Laptop’s Battery

The battery of your Dell laptop is mostly situated at the bottom of the unit. You would be required to slide some chips along the laptop’s body for allowing the battery to be removed effectively. However, while doing the same, you are expected to keep the laptop plugged in all the time. Still, this method is known to make your battery last longer. Some additional tips for the method are:

  • Using the battery only when you are required to take the laptop outdoors
  • Making sure that the battery is charged up to 70 percent before removing the same from the laptop. This will keep your laptop’s battery ready for use while eliminating the possibility of it getting drained when you need the same.

Condition the Battery

When you are purchasing Dell laptop batteries, it is recommended to charge the same to 100 percent. Then, you should discharge the same completely, and then charge it all over again. This will help the laptop’s battery to remember how much electrical charge it is capable of holding. From then, you will not be required to discharge the battery completely. However, always make sure that you are charging the same to 100 percent. Try keeping the batteries as cool as possible. Exposure to higher temperatures can be the worst enemy of the batteries.

Decrease the Hard Drive Activity

For minimizing the overall chances with which the hard drive of your laptop is required to spin up for accessing data, it is recommended that you should defragment the hard drive on a regular basis. This helps in optimizing the placement of data on the hard drive such that it becomes found easily.

You can also look forward to optimizing the paging file of Windows –a specific area of the hard drive serving as the virtual memory whenever the RAM gets full. If your laptop is within the laptop insurance period, you can get it serviced effectively to maximize its performance.

Avoid Using External Devices

PC cards and USB cards are known to make use of the laptop’s battery for functioning –even when you are not using them. Therefore, when not needed, you should remove them.

Ensure Single-tasking and Not Multitasking

It is believed that you can yield around 10 minutes of the overall battery life upon every level of brightness lowered. The experts say that by lowering the brightness level of your laptop, you can get extra hours of runtime effectively. Additionally, reducing the color depth and screen resolution also helps in decreasing the overall GPU’s workload. This, in turn, extends the overall battery life of the laptop.


Make the most of your Dell laptop to ensure top-notch performance.

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