Trends For Events That Will Shape Social Media Marketing In Upcoming Year

It’s about time events stop hearing “use more social media to make your event come forward”. Most of them are already getting success with it. In 2016, there were some serious shifts in how event took advantage of social media for marketing and making them known among the audience.

You will not only find it but every drift that comes along fits your events perfectly, there are many “must follow” trends that will modification your attainment on Social Media.


To make the event more famous and known among the audience, the more likely medium is visual content which is preferred by them instead with just words. When it comes to advertising and promoting your event in larger audience, then visual content is more valuable feature to go for. As video content make people more curious as what it includes and contains. This is the most efficient way to make your event more successful and word of mouth among the peoples. Additionally, videos can be utilized as educational or informative content for your event.

Social Messaging


Most of the audience is using social platform in their smartphones. So, it will be the best option to go for social messaging and make your event to be known in bulk audience. May be not all are using it but the multi million part of majority will be using it. In short, the direct link of yours will be provided to your in social media apps and with the opportunities to reach your audience where they can get to know about your event and its information.

In the upcoming year, this trend will continue to provide your event information through different medium in mass audience. Reckon how you can take asset of this trend for your social media marketing planning.

Employee advocacy

No one can bring huge exposure to your event as much as your employees can on their social media platform and profiles. This should be an important part for your social media marketing strategy for upcoming year. Events of all sizes can get benefit through social media sharing among its people. Merely, put some professionals who have a huge amount of social media followers, and the same goes for some of those followers and their connections.

Pay More for Traffic

As per the social media marketing professional in 2016, you have to pay more for more traffic. When you wage for marketing you are granted with progressive targeting choices. This can save your more expenditure on the advertising and marketing for the event. Facebook is a perfect platform for social media marketing to make the event more successful and memorable. The more audience you get through your event will be a success story you are writing for future.

Know some effective and wonderful idea of social media marketing for event for upcoming year to become the focus and center of attraction among the audience.

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