Top 7 Features That Make Dedicated Server Hosting Work

Dedicated server hosting is the term given to the hosting packages that provide a dedicated server. Now the question comes what are dedicated servers?

What are the dedicated servers?

A dedicated server is a personal server completely dedicated to a single website or application. It’s a higher upgrade to a shared server. Hence, when a business enterprise goes through an upgrade the server also needs the upgrade to support the upgrade of your business.

Also, a small business in its initial days can survive very easily on shared resources. But as soon as it gears up for the market the kind of flexibility it demands cannot be supported by a shared server. Thus, comes the dedicated server in the picture. That becomes the best option as requirements shoot immediately and things will go out of hand as you will not be able to fix things by yourself.

A dedicated server hosting plan brings out the best output of your money invested by catering to the maximum power. Due to this, it doesn’t act to be the downside by supporting your business in the best possible way.

Here are some staunch reasons when it’s a call for a dedicated hosting India –

  • If you are anticipating that your website is going to experience an increase in traffic
  • If your website is the one that deals and takes care of sensitive information, then security is a big concern. A shared server is not a good option for hosting.
  • You want optimum page loading times and that requires higher bandwidth
  • You are a kind that wants full control over the server.

To fulfill all these needs all at the same time requires a powerful set of features to work out for your website. Let’s go through these features one by one-

  1. The best-operating system-An An exceptional operating system is the driving factor of any dedicated server. You have all the options and freedom in the world to choose whichever operating system that may suit your website requirements at its best. Every business needs a specific type of operating system. Like some may perform their best on Windows Server OS or the other may on a Linux distribution.
    But it also depends on the dedicated hosting provider you have trusted your services with provides you with the required OS. Your dedicated server hosting can also help you in suggesting the appropriate OS for your requirements.
  2. Configuration of your server– Your work does not get over by just selecting the optimum OS, there are other things as well of which you to care of. Taking control over your server is one of those things. Full root access to SSH (Secure Shell) and RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol).
  3. A myriad of hardware choices– One of the reasons behind dedicated server hosting being expensive is the myriad of hardware choices it renders to its users. A good hardware setup powered by optimum capacity and capability to perform at its best during testing times. Hardware specifications like cores, size of the RAM, type of RAM, Hard disk capacity, bandwidth, etc. Hard disk type can also play alone an important factor for your business. Hence, the best way to tackle this is by keenly realizing that what kind of hard disk is required for your business to run smoothly as both HDD and SSD serves different purposes. HDDs are mostly cheaper than SSDs and can get you more storage space. So if storage space is your only concern then go for HDD and in return save some money back. However, if you need faster, durable and a hard disk that consumes less energy than HDD, then SSD is the hard disk type for you keeping aside.
  4. Multiple control panel options- It’s near to impossible to find any website these days operating without a control panel. Although for some, elementary control panels would be more than enough but there are many which require a special control panel.
    Dedicates server hosting makes it sure to provide your website or application the best suiting control panel. The onus lies on your dedicated server hosting provider to collaborate with one of the world’s leading control panels.
  5. Security- Big businesses cannot compromise with the level of security that is essential for all the IT operations to be carried on within the most secure environment. This is a proven fact that once an enterprise starts to grow it also starts adding its rivals and the probability of getting damaged through security threats also increases. Hence, while selecting your dedicated server hosting provider keep the security feature on top of your mind.
    Features like advanced firewalls, DDoS protection, web application security and malware protection. Never go for those hosting providers that deny providing SSL certificate which is responsible for building up the security trust.
  6. Server Management- The better the server management, more smooth is the business. This includes features like timely OS updates, patching, application installations, and proper server monitoring. Hence, you can say that server management will be a constant doctor required for your dedicated server.
  7. Dedicated technical support- Dedicated server hosting is known for its 24/7 dedicated customer support as well. Your servers might need technical support at any time of the day or month and troubleshooting these issues on time can save you from losing out of millions of business.

All these features put in together make a good dedicated server host offering your business high-performance and whatsoever requirement pops up. These were the major features a dedicated server hosting offers until and unless technology unleashes something more to it.

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