Three Top Tactics for Driving More Traffic to Your Company Blog

Starting a company blog to improve your search engine ranking and boost your audience is a great idea. However, be aware that this tactic will only work if you are able to successfully generate a lot of traffic to the blog in the first place. There is little point in having a company blog if nobody is visiting it. If you’ve been feeling a little defeated after writing excellent blog posts only to view the statistics and see that only a handful of people have taken the time to view and read them, then you’ll need these top tips on driving more traffic to your company blog.

Tactic #1. Consider a Content Overhaul

First and foremost, it’s important to consider the possibility that your content could be in need of an overhaul. Ask yourself, is the content published on your blog providing answers and solutions to your readers? Does it cover subjects that your audience want to read about? If not, then this is going to be the main reason why your blog isn’t getting much interest. Take the time to conduct some research into your audience, perhaps with surveys and questionnaires, to determine the type of blog posts that they are the most interested in reading.

Tactic #2. Upgrade Your Outreach Tactics

Whilst creating a great company blog is an essential step in improving your search engine ranking, it won’t be of much use if nobody knows that it is there or how to find it. If you suspect that your main problem with readers is that your blog isn’t being advertised as well as it should, then taking the time to get the word out can help you to boost your readership and attract more traffic. Along with having a link to your blog on your company website, there are various other methods that you can use such as high-quality link building, email marketing, and posting links to your blog content on social media for your followers to click through to.

Tactic #3. Use Influencers in Your Niche

Whilst this tactic may take up more time and effort than most, it’s definitely worth the effort needed to get influencers in your niche to write for you or to host your content on their blogs. Take the time to build strong relationships with bloggers in your niche who have the largest audiences since their endorsement of your company blog signifies trust and will play a huge part in encouraging more traffic to your site. If you are struggling with finding influencers, it may be a good idea to invest in the services of an SEO professional such as Tim B Design. Professional marketers tend to have an established network of influencers who trust them – in turn, they can be the ‘middle man’ for introducing you and getting your blogger-influencer relationship off to a good start.

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