The Impact Of Social Signals On SEO

It is a no brainer to say that keywords drive search rankings. Since the inception of SEO keywords have remained central to it and there is no reason to lose faith in its abilities to make or break SEO campaigns. The power of keywords lies in its direct link to search rankings. The better are the choice of keywords, the better are the prospects of moving up in the search results ranking. However, as SEO has evolved with time, new elements have now come into prominence that can also push up your search rankings. Read on to know more about the new rank builders.

The social media and its signals

The social media that began with the intention of maintaining friendships and developing relations has transformed into a powerful platform that can enhance your SEO efforts. All that you have to do is to create the right synergy between the two platforms. Since the most candid views are expressed in the social media, when you highlight your business on this media, the customer feedback paves the way for influencing the search engine rankings. This is what is known as social signals that have acquired huge importance in its ability to impact search rankings.

The focus is on quality

For long, SEO had depended on mathematical ways of gaining ranks in search results. Google algorithm was devised to consider keywords, back links and anchor text links as dominating factors to gain better ranks. Quantity was more important than quality and users lost no time in circumventing the rules to work out short cuts. That shot the system in the foot as any SEO Agency will tell you. Google changed its ways and introduced Penguin and Panda that diverted the focus to the quality of content. Things have taken a turn again as social signals together with people’s feedback are being considered important for search engine rankings.

The power of social signals

There is a link between search rankings and social signals which has to be known to take its advantage.

  • The social signals of a page can impact the other pages of the domain that affects search rankings. Therefore, it is extremely important to post quality content on social media to gain traction.

  • Social signals encourage viewers to re-visit sites and it also brings down bounce rates.

  • Back links are likely to be replaced soon with ‘likes’ for web pages. As brands are made more visible by the social media the social signals generated from it are likely to augur inbound links that in turn moves the rankings upwards.

Web visitors are turning more and more to social media signals to drive their web searches. Recommendations from friends and acquaintances are more important to them over search rankings. Brand awareness, brand loyalty and better conversion rates are experienced by websites that are linked to social platforms.

It is high time that you make your presence felt on the social media and focus on gaining more social signals by way of likes, votes, shares and pin. These are the new drivers for SEO.

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