5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Campaign is Not Working

Social media is one of the best tools a business can use in order to increase customer engagement, brand awareness, and build long-term loyalty with your customers. If you are not cautious, however, social media can rapidly transform into an expensive waste of time and effort.

The increase of messaging apps and new algorithm changes to Instagram and Twitter in year 2016 have changed everything in social media marketing. No doubt, social media campaigns are a compelling procedure for achieving new audiences. But, even after so many efforts, still social media campaigns are failing.

Below mentioned are the 5 reasons telling why your social media is not working;

You are not using the right network

It is useless when you post the most engaging content and unable to find right network for your target audience. Many businesses choose the social media network, without figuring out whether that is really where their group of onlookers needs to associate with them. This actually happens when you lack in doing research on the key demographics of each of the social networks or lack in setting up quick surveys.

Lacking in targeting the right audience

Another reason why your campaign fails is when you design or arrange your social media campaign without keeping the target audience in mind. When you don’t know who you are trying to reach with your content to get the most interaction for your effort.

Creating a campaign without targeting the audience that lives in the region near your business, can diminish your offline sales

Your Offer and Content is not Appealing enough

Individuals on social networking sites are not there searching out businesses. They are there to talk with friends and people who share their interests. Social media campaign fails when your offer is not relevant to your business. And, it is least focused on building loyalty.

Also, remember that the better your content, the better the results you will achieve. If your content is not appealing, unique, or high quality; then, it will not engage your target audience. This automatically pulls back your social media campaign.

Landing Page is not upgraded

Many of the people have a tendency to overlook that their social media campaign effort just doesn’t end at social networking sites. The campaign takes you to the landing page, where the produced lead is further engaged in a variety of options, including the option to change over. But, social media campaign fails as the landing page is not optimized.

Your landing pages lack when you don’t include such features;

  • When the page is not user-friendly

  • When there is no clearly visible CTA button

  • Keyword used are not appropriate

  • Proper decription about the product is not there

Too many changes in Campaign

Then comes changes in the campaign. If you don’t plan before you start with the social media campaign, then it is hard to execute the activities you need to do in a campaign. Also, by making changes, whether it’s minor or major, can pause your campaign.

For example, when you create a campaign on Facebook, and continually make changes in the campaign. It pauses the campaign, and the campaign will start in a fresh way. In this way, the campaign gets delayed, drives off the target audience.

So, plan before starting the campaign, and on whatever site you are starting the campaign, make sure you read the guidelines otherwise your social media marketing campaign will fail like them.


This was all about the social media campaign and the reasons of its failure. So, if you or any of your known is planning to start a campaign in the future, do read or share this blog to avoid mistakes.

To share your experience after campaign, or to resolve any of your queries regarding social media campaigns, do write us in a comment box given below!

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Varun Sharma is a Co-Founder at KVR WebTech Pvt. Ltd., one of the fastest growing digital marking company in Chandigarh, India. He analyses Digital Marketing strategies, trends and practices emphasizing on Mobile, SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook..

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