The future is here! All thanks to AI and Machine Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are creating a buzz in the world at present. With the digital world advancing in huge leaps, it is becoming increasingly different for humans alone to manage systems efficiently. Data explosion and easy availability of data among the masses has resulted in a huge amount of data getting churned out on a daily basis, all of which can get easily managed by systems that are not directly supervised by humans themselves, like bots for instance. We are living in a world of Artificial Intelligence where machines know what sometimes evades our common knowledge. If you have ever browsed through movie suggestions on Netflix and Hotstar or had a with Alexa, you are closer to the AI world than you thought. AI functions discreetly, without making us realise that a computer is calling all the shots.

Amazing possibilities of Artificial Intelligence

  • Real Estate industry at present lacks transparency in pricing accompanied by a dearth of labor. AI can help in bringing about transparency and can also bring about a systematic labor induction process. Delay in construction time and sky-high costs are bound to become a thing of the past with the intervention of AI.
  • AI could be used to make the public sectors of India efficient, error- free and public-friendly. Transactions that take years to come through at the moment because of human laxity, would get completed in a much shorter time span, with the advent of AI.
  • India’s healthcare facilities fall far short of the adequate mark and artificial Intelligence is expected to aid the country in providing better healthcare in future. AI can help in detecting fatal diseases such as cancer and ensure preventive treatment.
  • In sectors dealing with customer service, AI can serve as an effective tool. AI can gauge customer responses and provide services accurately.

AI and India

In India, AI is one of the fastest developing digital domains. The Government of India has set up several initiatives to boost machine learning. The National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence charts out the future of AI in India. According to a recent report, more than $150 million dollars have invested in India’s AI sector by private players alone. A huge number of start-ups in the metro cities- Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai utilize AI to increase efficiency and also lure consumers. The Make in India initiative has boosted the development of AI here.

Why go for AI and machine learning courses?

  • With the increasing demand for professionals having a sound technological know-how and thoroughness with the recent digital trends, AI and Machine Learning course can help you bag lucrative job offers
  • The knowledge of AI can grant individuals flexibility of working in different fields.
  • Despite huge prospects and opportunities galore, there still remains a dearth in the technical trained workforce. Enrollment in an AI and machine learning course therefore, would open up a wide range of possibilities for the individuals.

AI and machine learning are here to stay, all set to revolutionize our lives, the digital way, whether we like it or not.

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