Features to Look For in CCTV Software

A Closed Circuit TV shortly called CCTV is widely used nowadays. Safety is of prime importance at every place and to ensure the safety CCTV plays an important role. There are number roles performed by CCTV like they ensure public safety, helps in solving crimes, protect against property theft and vandalism, etc. One should look at the main features of CCTV software before installing them. If you are considering installing a new security camera or upgrading an existing one, there are certain let features to seek out. Some of the essential features that CCTV software must have are explained below.

IP or analog

The CCTV cameras shall have web access. We all want a type of camera which can be accessed via the web. These cameras are more advanced and also a lot easier to use. We can also view the camera output of IP cameras on our mobile phone. They are also not much expensive. There are plenty of positive aspects to analog security cameras with the cctv video analytics software.

Video resolution

In today’s time, even the basic mobile phones have HD video recording function. Then why not to expect the same from a CCTV camera? The video resolution in megapixels is an important criterion as it determines how much coverage and clarity the camera can offer. It’s always better to install a single high-resolution camera than multiple poor video quality cameras in a small area.

Weatherproof and vandal proof

These CCTV are to be installed outdoors as well as indoors. The weather can be tough sometimes. So these CCTV shall be rough and tough. Moreover, indoor cameras are subjected to vandalism like during a robbery. So we shall choose the cameras which are weatherproof and vandal proof.

Remote access and cloud backup

This is just not a feature but it is also a new way to oversee the things from a distance. Remote access to the live feed from CCTV is crucial. We can be able to see the live footage from the camera on our mobile phone while we are away. CCTV software shall also allow us to store our footage on the clouds and should enable us to back up that footage for later uses.

Motion sensors and Automation

The CCTV software must have the feature to determine the motion. The motion sensors are advantageous as it cuts down the amount of footage being recorded and saved. The cctv analytics software shall send push notifications thus alerting the users.

Night vision

There should be a feature in the CCTV software that is capable of recording in low light conditions. Most of the theft takes place at nights so it’s a must for a CCTV to have a night vision.

There are several other features that can be looked into like scalability, audio requirements, wiring, camera coverage, etc.

These are not all but few essential features that a CCTV must have. Safety is the one thing that can’t be compromised with. So choose your CCTV wisely and be safe.

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