Staffing Challenges for The Hospitality Sector and How To Deal With Them

Here’s how partnering with a hostess agency in London can elevate your events and solve your staffing challenges.

Research shows that staff retention rates in the hospitality sector are sitting at just 70 percent. Low pay, minimal benefits, a lack of career prospects and unsociable working hours are cited as the primary reasons for the industry lagging so far behind the average UK retention rate of 85 percent.

As three out of every 10 employees in the hospitality sector leave their role within a year, it is perhaps no surprise that the industry as a whole is facing significant staffing challenges. It’s not all bad news though because there are actionable steps that can be taken to face these challenges head on and make a genuine, positive difference right across the board.

The Provision Of Positive Working Environments

Employees in every industry value positive working environments. Not only does their overall sense of wellbeing improve, but their morale and productivity levels soar as well. Importantly, there are no good reasons why the hospitality sector cannot also provide such consistently positive environments to its workers.

When teams are working long, sometimes unsociable hours, in roles that can be physically demanding, it is essential that they feel valued at all times. Strong leadership is critical here as this is a core component of effective employee engagement. Employees ultimately want to feel listened to, and when their opinions and suggestions are discussed or even implemented into daily routines or working practices, performance levels improve and retention rates increase.

When looking for a hostess agency in London to staff corporate events, parties or celebrations, it is important to partner with an enthusiastic team who actively enjoy engaging with a variety of clients and feel comfortable within a range of different venues. Such teams are always filled with individuals who are genuinely eager to fulfil their role to their full potential precisely because they feel valued and appreciated.

Investment In Staff

Staff are the heart and soul of every hospitality business. Ensuring that every employee has access to the tools and the training they need to excel within their role is imperative. Not only do comprehensive training programmes minimise mistakes and improve team wide efficiencies, when personal development is prioritised each team member will feel empowered and encouraged to push for achievements that sit beyond their everyday routine tasks.

Maintaining open channels of communication and dialogue between staff and management teams is key. It is always imperative to actively listen to the people who are performing the roles because they understand the challenges they are facing more keenly than people who are somewhat removed from the situation. This means that everyone will always be aware of the approaches that are delivering results and those which aren’t conducive to the most efficient or positive working environment.

Although the hospitality sector is experiencing its fair share of challenges, there are proactive, professional staffing agencies actively taking steps to make a positive change.

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