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Instagram was first launched on October 2010. It is the first photo-sharing social media platform which is created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Just two months after that, it had already reached up to one million users. As of today, Instagram has 150 million users and 55 million photos uploaded per day. This app is a phenomenal breakthrough in this world of innovative and consistently evolving social media. Instagram has been used in a variety of fields, most especially in marketing and advertising; it also had been used as a location for small businesses such as online shops for clothing, gadgets, makeup, and etc.

Using Instagram for business purposes is very ideal; there are a lot of Instagram users making a living out of their accounts than most social media apps. If you want to increase views on Instagram videos or have trending photos in your account, you should first have a lot of followers and learn how to engage with them regularly.

In order to increase engagement, here are some of the metrics you need to monitor:

Your Followers Growth Rate is your Stepping Stone

This refers to the number of new followers every current period. Here are some strategies you can try out to boost your followers count:

In Instagram, you can try to increase web traffic with an Instagram contest. This will attract people to engage in your page. Aside from increasing the followers count, you can also boost likes and comments using this technique. Your post will gain more publicity through referrals and tags. This in turn will increase views on Instagram videos and pictures.

Instagram followers love refined, bright pictures as well as entertaining videos. Notice that through the increasing followers count, you can also increase the engagement by increasing the number of likes as well. Videos in particular can gain a lot of followers. If you want to boost your videos, you may integrate efficient marketing strategies or buy Instagram Video Views. Moreover, make sure the content you are providing is something of value.

Another strategy that a lot of marketers used is to buy likes on Instagram. This gives the impression that you are a popular Instagram icon. This will prompt more people to follow you. Just remember to hire the service provider that utilizes authentic accounts to avoid being penalized by Google.

Those Who Unfollowed Your Account Can Affect the Percentage of Total Followers

This refers to the number of your total followers since day one. Remember, the number of your total followers may not always be consistent and increasing. You have to be aware of the total number of followers who may have unfollowed your account. Doing this, will help you evaluate your posts or other actions that you made in your account.

Buying Comments and Likes increases Followers but are not Counted in the Official Tally

The number of likes and comments is related to the number of followers you have. Here are some hacks to increase likes in your posts:

a. Share high-quality and eye-catching pictures. Use natural light as much as possible to improve photo quality.

b. Come up with a theme. Be consistent in using it for the whole feed. Add blue tones to your pictures whenever possible. This will increase the aesthetic appeal of your pictures by 24 percent.

c. Do not over-edit selfies. Selfies are 30 percent more likely to get a like; however, you have to make sure that they still look natural and realistic. Avoid fake-looking and overly filtered photos.

d. Take advantage of the hashtags. Utilize the use of hashtags to have more exposure to the users who are not yet your followers.

Take Note: If you buy likes on Instagram, you don’t include them in your official counting of likes since they are not organic likes. Same thing applies if you buy Instagram video views.

You can Reach the Non-Followers Through Attention-Grabbing Hashtags

The social media world can be overwhelming with a lot of information. However, through the use of hashtags, we can now sort through the digital clutter and focus on the specific information that we originally are curious about. We should make use of hashtags in every Instagram post as this is an opportunity to get more exposure. Hashtags are one of the best tools to filter out information and increase views on Instagram videos.

In Instagram, it is proven to give you more views in your post, in care of the “Explore” tool. It is a great way to have your content seen by the rest of Instagram community aside from the people who are following you.

Best Day/ Time to Post” is a Basic yet Efficient Strategy

Organizing your posts in Instagram based on the date and time, your post will do wonders for keeping things organized. It may not seem like a big deal if you decided to take a break from social media, but it will get in the way of building loyal community and followers. Doing this will also give you a hint on when is the best time to buy likes on Instagram or buy Instagram Video Views when everyone is looking at your posts.

Iconosquare– It is a social media application that helps you monitor Instagram analytics and focus your Instagram account on the marketing aspect. One of its features is the Date Picker, which helps you choose the peak date and time to post your content in Instagram to have more likes.

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