Some Versatile Tips to Solve Home Network Routers Issues

As we all know the importance of the router in our life as well as networking. Routers are perfectly said to be as the backbone of the Internet and networking system. Also, a router helps in increasing the speed of existing WiFi network all over the house. For this, you have to connect your device physically with the modem with the help of an Ethernet cable. Also, remember that for your Netgear ex6150 Extender Setup you have to connect both the devices (router and the extender) with each other and then plug them both into an electric wall socket.

Moreover, dear users you also have to take care of some important things, which will help you in getting through all the brain-teasers and annoying issues successfully.

  • Always use the latest firmware of the device.
  • Update all your smart devices timely.
  • Do not apply the process of any setup or installation in fluctuation or high-voltage.
  • When you find that your devices are overheated and overloaded, shut them down for a short while, let them cool down and then restarts them again.
  • Do not do the mistake of hiding the router just because of its ugly looks. The live Internet connection coming out of your main device will help a lot in setting up any of your processes instantly.
  • Keep the antennas of the router straight. Add an additional set of antennas if possible (for a high range of Internet everywhere).
  • Physically connect router to the modem and range extender to the router.
  • After that, take the help of your smart computer or laptop and open a web browser onto that.
  • Once open, you are supposed to type mywifiext into the field of address bar.

Note: Make sure that your computer is all clear with browsing history and malicious files including cache and the cookies as well.

Well, now we proceed a little forward to provide our valuable users the guidelines to solve the brain-teasers problems related to your router.

  1. Unequal and Incompatible WiFi Protection Settings

Well, the most common and annoying cause of a wireless network issue is the inappropriateness and inaptness in setting between the two smart WiFi devices such as computer/laptop and a router. In that case, what will you do? Probably stick with us and follow some of the important below-given steps.

  • Your router must be enabled to support all the latest versions of WiFi that is supposed to use by the network client itself.
  • Also, remember that routers will not support old devices such as 802.11n or 802.11b, those who have configured to run in 802.11g.
  • Almost every WiFi devices support numerous network security protocols. On the other hand, all the WiFi devices that include routers as well to the same network will acquire the same security code e.g. WPA and WEP.

Note: The WiFi security (password) you are using supposed to be about 16 characters filled with numbers, alphabets, and lack of dictionary words. Do not share your passwords with those who are not trustworthy to you.

  1. Beware of Disconnected or Loose Cables

Occasionally, what happens that user didn’t even know that when their router is turned off or unplugged mistakenly by their family member, relative, or a friend. Be certain that all the wires should be properly connected to the electric wall socket. If you found that your router is properly plugged in, but still you are not connected to the Internet, then you are tended to check whether your router is properly connected with the modem or not.

  1. Keep your devices away from Overloading and Overheating

Dear users, pay attention towards this step just for a short while. Do you know the fact that downloading large files, streaming data, watching online videos, or playing games, etc. for a long time may harm your router and cause it to generate heat in high amount? There is nothing to get worried about, just disable your device and unplug all the wires connected to the router for a short while (temporary). A permanent solution to this problem is simple. Consider adding a second router to your network.

Furthermore, Make sure that you have the right login details in order to log in to In case, you do not have such details, then immediately get in touch with our Netgear experts on a toll-free number 1-888-927-2661 to get all the answers and solution to your entire queries. Just lay your entire burden on us. Trust us we will definitely take you out of every annoying situation faced by you.

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