Some Powerful Strategies For High Conversion Landing Page

It’s important to have a landing page whose conversion rate is high. After all, what purpose will your marketing ads serve when they bring people on your site but fail to convert them into prospects?

It’s good that you have got ads running as they will bring people on site. But it’s equally important that your landing page plays its part fully well. People only visiting your site and not taking any action will hurt your cause big time.

This happens as your landing page might lack all those elements that convert visitors into prospects. This is where you need to tweak the strategies that have been going on for no visible results.

Strategies to get a high converting landing page

So, it’s important to put in place unique and powerful strategies to make your landing page a high converting one. You need to follow these tips, including –

Call to action

Your call to action (CTA) will guide, urge, ask and inform visitors to take some action. You need to have a clear-cut call to action to fulfil your varied goals, be it regarding shopping, signing up, contacting or watching your posts. Your CTA should not be too many to confuse visitors. It should have a visual clarity and appear at appropriate place on the page.


Once you have the CTA, move forward with having an offer on the landing page. This offer could be anything you wish giving to visitors to add value to their visits. Your offer can include coupons, discounts, a free trial, a free version, a free test drive, or whatever that is a gift to visitors. The offer should be value-addition, purpose-drive, time-bound but not of mind-boggling proportion (it may make it feel fake!) and it should look to stir response.

Focus on simplicity and clarity

You should understand that value of keeping things simple and clear on the landing page. You only what visitors to click on the CTA and so, take off whatever other ‘tempting’ things to inside pages to focus on clarity. Keep your forms simple, take your philosophies to inside pages. Make sure your landing page is removed from the clutter of too many links and content and actions.

Put on only value-addition things there

You are not going to describe all features of your products or services on the landing page itself. That would be a great put-off. Rather, you need to list only reasons for visitors to be there. So, put there only those attributes of products and services that are key for users. Avoid stuffing the landing pages with something other than what can add value (bring benefits, solve their problems) to visitors.

Simple yet relevant headline

You should understand that the headline will be key in keeping or shooing away visitors. You should also understand that being simple and relevant will hold the key. So, rather than trying too many things at once, go with simplicity and convey to visitors what you really mean. Simple!

Visuals and social proof

Yes, your landing page should be visuals but only up to the page. You have to place only those images, ads, GIFs and videos that are relevant for visitors. Don’t, for god’s sake, overdo with them, else you might make people go away. Secondly, your landing page should have all your social media plusses, including icons, testimonials, media coverage or whatever that put your business in positive frame.

In overall, it’s important to have a high converting landing page to maximize the return on investment. So, hire experts and let your landing page convert prospects for you.

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