Some Common SEO Issues And Tips To Solve Them

SEO is dynamic in nature as it keeps changing frequently. Search engines, including Google, bring constant changes to their algorithms and rules regarding rankings which sometimes poses a lot of problems to marketers. It’s this constant changing and updating that creates chances of making mistakes. At other times, SEO guys deliberately make mistakes in order to game the system and gain better results. Whatever be the reasons or motivation, it’s important to understand those SEO issues and ways to getting rid of them.

Let’s look at some common issues and ways to patching them up:-

Targeting the wrong keywords

Targeting the wrong keywords is one of the most common issues faced by those doing SEO. Irrelevant keywords give no value to sites neither any ranking benefits. Similarly, competition is also an issue that is ignore by webmaster as raking with extremely popular keywords does not benefit beyond a bare minimum point. This problem can be solved by using long tail keyword phrases that are less competitive yet highly beneficial.

Keyword Targeting


Duplicate Tags

Each page should have a unique title tag and Meta tag and not doing this is an issue faced by a lot of people doing SEO. Having the same title tags for a couple of pages may still be file only when the information shared by both belong to the tag. You can use Google Webmaster Tools offers to check the presence of any duplicate title tags on the site.


Duplicate content

Every page of the site must have unique content. In fact, a uniqueness of content must be maintained from page to page. A website must never use content already used somewhere else. In fact, a website should not use the content from within the site to any other page. There are many popular software or sources to check whether your content is duplicate or not.


Low quality content

Using low-quality content is one of most common SEO mistakes that webmasters do on a regular basis. There are many ways in which the quality of content can become low and one should know them to remove the problem. Duplicate content, broken links, keyword stuffing and low word count are some of factors that make the content low in quality. Analysing the site’s traffic using Google Webmaster Tools can help one get rid of the problem.


Slow page

Having slow page or slow loading pages is a mistake that cause a great deal of harm of to everyone. Users don’t like visiting such pages, search engines don’t rank such pages higher. This condition is reached at when more images are used that necessary, when no compression is followed or when a slow server is in place.

In a nutshell, you should hire or consult only experts or avail only top SEO services to avoid those mistakes that are done from time to time. If such mistakes are not avoided, it can hamper your prospects in a great big and may not let you benefit from SEO.

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