Kermit Highfield Louisville KY Has Different Business Models for Popcorn

Kermit Highfield Louisville KYThere are various business models for a popcorn start up. Kermit Highfield(Louisville KY) believes that the decision of choosing an outlet for your popcorn depends upon funds, marketing strategies and market. IN general, there are four different business models to deliver popcorn.


This type of business requires additional capital to be invested into building a store. It is important to choose a location that is frequently visited by people. A storefront popcorn business can be started in shopping malls, strip malls, school canteens etc.


A mobile cart for popcorn is relatively cheaper than storefront and can be moved to multiple locations every day. Business owners can choose locations based on seasons, activities, festivals etc. Less capital and ability to reach more customers add to the profits of this business model.


Online snack stores are rising in popularity especially due to the pandemic limiting people to their houses. All you need is to create an appealing website and some exquisite pictures of your popcorn recipes to lure customers in. However, it requires more effort in organizing and delivering orders.


A distribution business model for popcorn can be set from your home where you would tie-up with business partners such as restaurants, theatres, cafeteria, malls etc. This type of business assures guaranteed sales as reaching customers are not a problem anymore. But finding and convincing a reliable business partner could take some effort.


Kermit Highfield Louisville KY said that each business model comes with its own set of challenges, but it is not to say that one model is better than the other. Each type of business has its own way to add to profitability.

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