How To Stop Kids From Using The Internet While Driving

The Internet has been proven the greatest blessing for all. Want to know what will be the weather forecast for the weekend? check it on the internet. Want to try some new recipe google it, want to talk to grandparents face time them. Lost in a deserted road trip, just google map your position and find the way. These and many other kinds of benefits all are due to the facility of the internet. But excessive obsession with anything can lessen its charm and value. The same is the case with the internet. Responsible usage of the internet will open a lot of opportunities for the user, but if you get too much involved in it its like a jungle world. You will lose sense of time and space and will just get drowned in it. Teens who are the so-called internet generation have been using too many digital gadgets and the internet. Their average screen time is way beyond the healthy criteria and that’s why parents are worried sick for their well being.

Today, the digital world has been an important part of a teenagers life. Tech-savvy kids have got their smartphones and laptops or tablets Pc. They have this obsession with recording everything. Whether they are present in the classroom or are at the dinner table, you will find them busy with their phones. Among all, the most dangerous habit parents have often complained about is the use of cell phones or the internet during driving. Driving itself demands 100 % focus and concentration. On the road you have this sole responsibility of saving your self as well as others. Only this kind of mindset will keep you safe from any kind of accident. But if you are busy with your phone during driving, trying to send the snap to the friend or capturing the photo for Instagram then you are wrong. You are not only risking your own lives and becoming the reason for frustration for your loved ones but this irresponsible behavior of yours can affect any stranger on the road as well.

So instead of continuously worrying every time your teen is out on wheels, we present you a simple solution. A solution that will ensure that your teen will never use a smartphone or any other gadget during driving. You will be guaranteed an internet free drive and safe arrival of your teen by using this trick. Well, the trick is very simple. Get a monitoring app, not just any monitoring app the special one. The one which allows the user to block internet service during the drive.

OgyMogy is a monitoring app that offers an abundance of features for all those parents who want to keep an eye on their kids, and for the employers who need to monitor their employees inside or outside the workplace. Just select the desired package, follow simple steps and install the monitoring app in the target person gadgets. That can be a smartphone or tablet pc or laptop. As OgyMogy offers an android spy app version for smartphone and Mac or Windows versions for computer systems.

How It Works?

The android app is built to block the internet during driving. Users will have remote access to the dashboard of the smartphone tracking app and then they can simply control internet usage by turning off the web service during driving. Thus parents can have complete remote access to the teen smartphones and internet usage by having the OgyMogy android monitoring feature on the cell phone. Android monitoring offers many other features that enable the user to block any kind of smartphone activity that can distract the driver while driving.

  • Users can completely block the internet on the target person device using the OgyMogy android monitoring app. Thus teens will be unable to use the internet during the drive.
  • Parents can also block any kind of communication through text messages by using the OgyMogy monitoring app.
  • OgyMogy offers the feature which allows the user to block all incoming calls when the target person is driving.

OgyMogy provides remote access to parents thus they can block the cyberspace and can ensure the teens driving time free of gadget and internet usage.


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