How to Speed Up a WordPress Website?

Your wordpress website is slow you must try this free plugin must help to speed up your website.

Why you should increase website speed?

When your website speed is good automatically bounce rate becomes less and visitor increasing your website CTR rate also crawler easily find you in SERP (search engine result page).

And the other advantage is that your services or product getting conversion so it automatically saves money time and you get profited.

There are many ways to speed up your wordpress website but I will suggest quality up a plugin that increase are boosted your wordpress website.

To speed your wordpress website we should keep some concept.

This concept I have personally use on our website as well as my office project I guarantee you 100% work to speed up your website.

Follow step by step …

  1. Choose a good host.

If you want to increase your speed up your website invest some money to purchase some quality of hosting because of good hosting provide you quickly load your website user not back or exit to your website.

  1. Choose lightweight theme whos loading time is less.

If you want to load quickly open your website I want to suggest some free and premium theme that will speed up your website these are as follow.

Top 5 free theme as well as free good quality plugin support available.

  • Theme isle.
  • Tour operator.
  • Travel agency.
  • Education zone.
  • Business one page.

This plugin is easily available at WordPress website and you can also download document how to set up and customize your website video also available to a particular document.

  1. Use cache plugin who clean unwanted malware.

As you know that some of the unwanted malware comes to your WordPress so these themes in wordpress help you to scan and fix unwanted malware . as you know some are good but some are not worthy I personally I have used W3 validator you must try ones definitely help to increase your wordpress site.

  1. Use some content delivery network.

Ase you know that who is in online marketing or copy blogger use CDN its uses is that its a content delivery would definitely surprise that some of the top blogger or copy blogger use CDN all over the world.

  1. Optimize images who load quickly.

It’s mean that when you open our website site automatically reduces the size of the images, not quality that called optimize images.

Examples: like yahoo’s automatically optimize the image.

Best plugin I recommended is…

  • Smult rush
  1. Delete some WordPress theme who are not in use.

At the time of installing some of the unwanted theme available to your WordPress files or the delete them who are not in use.because sometimes what happens unwanted malware comes through that plugin that increases your speed time.

  1. Update your wordpress plugin.

As you know that in wordpress support notification is pop up. I will recommend you must update regularly because it’s updated to new version its help to speed up your website.

  1. Database optimization:

Through login to cpanel or wordpress, you can easily optimize your database in this database optimization you can select the table or who you want appear in your website you optimize. I personally use this plugin wp optimize who can optimize all of the websites. check once a weak to your database because it will help you to reduced speed WordPress site.

9) Don’t show hosting the video on your website.

If you are looking to hosting video in your site it is not good for your website because I have past experience that I was facing bandwidth problem with my website.which is very important if you have limited hosting.

so I personally recommended you don’t use hosting the video on your website.if you want use hosting video in your site I personally use top fast hosting video website like youtube. For this you have to go wordpress editor where you can set up a linkup to that video.

10) Gravatar images adjustment:

You have to focus on gravatar images adjustment its help you speed your wordpress website how the reason behind that if you found that some of the images are not worthy for automatically comes discussion is happening you delete theme because it is not used make any sense for your delete gravatar image.

11) Post control kept in mind:

Sometimes we write a post and save it to draft do not use more than eight times it’s slow your website. I personally use this plugin to restore that is.

  • Revision control: Personally I used this because it helps me to save it draft and its lightweight plugin I have used for the various website. its reduce your site speed you must try this plugin.

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