Drive Traffic Through Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is a constantly growing social platform making sharing of ideas a reality. In recent times, it has grown a lot to now become a powerful advertising platform. Today, it’s leveraged by brands and businesses to target their audience and build the base. It’s now considered a great platform to look to generate traffic and engage in brand building initiative. More so, a company can use Pinterest ads to drive traffic and realize its true potential in the desired manner.

Let’s look at how to drive traffic using Pinterest ads:

Use one pin per campaign

It’s important to use one pin per campaign to maximize the impact of marketing. Going with multiple pins is like diluting its impact as then impressions and spend will get distributed. Using one pin is a solid strategy tracking conversion is not the target rather optimizing click-through rates is.

Prioritize campaign creation

It’s important to know the monthly search volume of themes before engaging in campaign creation. After all, it’s always a better strategy to understand latest market trends and then prioritize campaign creation. Each campaign should be structured in a way to fit in keywords and themes representing an entire category.

Focus on creativity not keywords

Marketers should never give more focus to keywords of a pin or campaign than needed. They should understand that the platform is more oriented towards visual search and its searches are more inclined towards exploratory. With such a unique search algorithm in place, it’d be mistake ignoring creativity and stuffing campaigns with keywords.

Leverage keyword suggestions from Ads Manager

It’s important to understand how the search algorithm of Pinterest works. Make sure to take help from the Ads Manager to get keyword suggestions for your pin. More so, don’t forget adding keywords from Pinterest’s guided search.

Make your pin vertically oriented

You should make sure that the pin is vertically oriented as this elevates their exposure. In a way, you have to make the pin go longer rather than making them wider. So, your pin should take up a considerable space in Pinterest to gain attention or notice.

Use Pinterest Analytics

It’s important to use Pinterest Analytics when launching campaigns. This is important to understand pins and their clicks, repins and like. Doing this gives the opportunity of promoting these pins and catching user attention.

Enrich your pin with interest targets

There are over 400 interest targets in Pinterest to use and leverage. These interest targets are available in categories as broad as travel, fashion, weddings etc. in fact, there are categories within these interest groups to further enrich the pin. These targets can be used in pins alongside keywords to maximize impact of campaigns.

In a nutshell, social media today is key to success on the internet and it should not be ignored. Hire social media experts to benefit from Pinterest and take your business to a new level. After all, there is nothing better to boost the presence on social platforms and find a greater market to cater.

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