10 Things to Look for in Meeting Room Booking Software

Meetings are an inescapable part of our daily work lives. Executives and managers spend over 20 hours a week in meetings on average, even as more and more companies move to open floor plans that are designed to improve communication. And as technology offers more ways to schedule and attend our meetings, it’s always a good idea to have an online way to book the meeting space.

Creating a positive work environment leads to more productive and creative thinking. Now that you’ve chosen to make your workspace more creative go for a meeting room reservation system, that can set up meetings incredibly within a couple of dabs.

But wait? Have you already introduced the booking system at your office or still wondering what miracles it could do to your workspace? Cheer up lad, we’re here with 10 factors that you have to look for in a meeting room booking software before setting up-

Ease of use

Easy user adoption is key to the success of any software. To encourage user adoption, it’s crucial to select meeting room booking software with a simple, easy-to-use interface that allows users to view, search, and schedule available meeting rooms and attendees as quick as possible. A system that simplifies the process of booking rooms and resources will earn favor with users.

Anytime, anywhere access

Don’t impede your workforce from scheduling meetings just because they’re out of the office. Look for meeting scheduling software that can be accessed via the web and on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets so that all your team members can have the access (can be limited) even if your offices are located at multiple locations.

Established client base and support team

All your data can be stored on the web securely. There’s no need to worry about someone stealing your data, your clients are always an email or SMS reminder away from attending the meetings or scheduling one. Thus, you’re going to have a well-established client base at your hands. Make sure you are going for software that provides you with security and 24/7 technical support in case of queries.

Built-in reporting capabilities

Your meeting scheduling software should generate advanced and standardized reports in various formats and offer integrations with third-party tools, so you can keep better track of meeting room and resource usage at lower costs.

Real-time synchronization

Meeting room booking software with a centralized database that is updated in real-time gives all users access to current information. This prevents double bookings and other scheduling conflicts.

Works even for multiple locations

If your organization has meeting rooms and resources in multiple locations, selecting meeting room booking software that scales to multiple locations and handles bookings across different time zones is critical.

Ability to add additional services at the same time as booking a room

Users should be able to order catering or any other services such as Audio or video equipment support tools without leaving the meeting room management system.

Automated reminders or confirmations

Scheduling a meeting is one heck of a process and expecting the count on the big day is another heck of a process. The perfect online meeting booking software must be capable of sending an email and/or SMS notifications as reminders or confirmations prior to the meeting hour, implicitly decreasing the no show ups from your team.

Visitor management module

Create an ever-lasting good impression for all your company’s visitors by registering them quickly with a visitor management system. A visitor management system alerts hosts that visitors have arrived, allows receptionists to print name badges for visitors and frees them up to focus on other tasks.

Customization tools

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to meeting room booking solutions. Look for meeting scheduling software that comes equipped with built-in customization tools that allow you to adapt the system to your business processes.

Sometimes it seems like our workplaces have lots of chunky processes to keep up with, especially when it comes to calling up for a meeting, but sticking to these factors will help you find out the best meeting room booking software. Trust me, everyone in your workspace, right from the janitorial staff to the executives would be happy and become more productive with online ways of booking meeting rooms.

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