What Should a Cloud Hosting Provider Have for Cloud Accounting?

Cloud computing is the new normal for almost all the businesses and that’s why most of the businesses have already shifted their one or more IT services to the cloud. With several advantages like anywhere, anytime accessibility, reduced IT expenses, increased security and lightning fast speed, cloud computing is proving to be a magic wand for most of the businesses. But all the businesses can’t afford to own a private cloud and that’s why most of the small and medium sized businesses prefer a cloud hosting provider which proves to be much cheaper than owning a private cloud.

There are various cloud hosting providers in the market and the responsibility of choosing the right one relies on you. Although different types of businesses have different types of cloud hosting needs, there are some common parameters on which you can judge whether a 3rd party hosting provider is good or not. 

We’re living in an era where there are many options out there but you’ll have to make sure that you are choosing the right option since the type of option you will choose can make or break your plan. The same can be said about cloud hosting providers from cloud accounting solutions like QuickBooks Hosting where there are many different types of cloud hosting provider and you’ll have to choose the best on on the basis of different parameters that we are going to discuss in this blog post in a detailed manner

That’s why in this article, we have outlined the top characteristics of a good Cloud Hosting Provider, so that you can easily analyze the available Cloud Hosting Providers.


A good cloud Hosting provider gives an ultra –secure cloud environment for their clients, so that they can work without worrying about any type of viruses, malware, hackers and spyware. They should be updated to the latest security features and should follow a safety protocol which will ensure that your data and app is present on a server with 360 degree protection.

Routine Data Backup

The chances of complete data loss can be wiped out if your cloud hosting provider follows routine data backup. A natural or man-made calamity can affect the continuity of your business and can result in data loss as well. Therefore, fortnightly and automatic data backup is very much necessary to recover your data in such a drastic situation. A good Cloud provider follows a strict routine of daily data backup to protect its clients from complete data loss.

Dynamic technical support

Doesn’t matter how good you are at using accounting software or handling the cloud, issues and problems can pop out any time and situation. That’s why your cloud provider should always be ready to resolve your issue in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Most of the reputed hosting providers give round the clock free technical support through their dedicated customer support team which consists of IT experts.

Fully Reliable 

One of the best advantages of cloud is it is fully reliable. A slowdown on the server can directly impact the working of a business and can hamper your productivity as well. So for providing a fully reliable server, your hosting provider should provide 99.9% uptime, so. A cloud provider with minimum cloud outage is considered an ideal one.

Well-equipped data centers

The security and performance of the data center used by your cloud provider play an important role in deciding the quality of service. The data centers should be well equipped with fully functional air conditioning, CCTV cameras, round the clock staff monitoring and it should also restrict access to authorized persons only. In addition to this, it should also be located in an earthquake free zone, so that any natural calamity will not hamper its physical location.

Highly scalable

Change is the rule of nature and your firm’s requirement is no exception to it. A good hosting provider should offer you packages which are easily customizable to fit according to the increasing and decreasing cloud’s needs of your business. 


The most prominent reason why small and medium sized businesses are moving to cloud is because of its cost-effectiveness. The cost spent on hiring IT staff and installing an IT infrastructure is completely wiped out and even the packages offered by reputed hosting providers are very economical.

Wide array of products

With more options to choose from, you will be able to make better decisions. A hosting provider which supports a wide array of products allows you to extend your list of cloud apps without switching the provider.

Well experienced 

A hosting provider with more years of experience in the industry will obviously be well-versed in providing the best cloud experience. Most of the reputed hosting providers have more than 4 years of experience in the industry.

Better reviews and ratings

Reviews and Ratings by users are the best way to analyze the actual performance of the company and they are also easily available on the internet. A trustworthy hosting provider will always have good reviews and ratings.

With more power comes more responsibility and the same thing applies to you while choosing a cloud hosting provider. Look for the above mentioned characteristics and choose the best hosting provider for your firm which can play a major role in your company’s growth.

If you have already decided to move to the powerful cloud hosting solution then you will have to deal with some of the challenges that come along with the shift to the cloud hosting solution. But you will be able to overcome all these small changes then you will be able to harness the power of cloud in the best possible manner and this is why most of the businesses are shifting to cloud hosting solutions like QuickBooks desktop hosting without any second thoughts. So shift to cloud hosting solutions by choosing the best cloud hosting provider out there to make the best of cloud hosting solutions.

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