Trends Driving Small Businesses To Automate

While automation is often unfairly portrayed as a threat to small businesses and entrepreneurs, in many cases, automation gives small businesses their best chance at growth. As technology continues to cement itself in businesses and companies worldwide, newer entrepreneurs are catching on to the need for automation in the workplace, regardless of the industry.

Implementing the latest technology in your place of business can seem like an unnecessary disruption to some business owners or workers that are uncomfortable with new technology. However, small businesses that are just starting out or struggling to grow will soon realize that they have the most to gain by turning to automation.

As more advanced technology continues to take the working world by storm, more and more businesses are beginning to adopt automation on a trend-by-trend basis. If your small business is interested in automating, it can be helpful to review some of the most popular trends that are making automation a staple in the world of business. Here are some of them:

The Rise of Chatbots

Many businesses, small or large, are employing autonomous interfaces and chatbots to assist in business management tasks. With the use of these sort of interfaces, businesses can expect to improve the quality of interactions between employers and their computers as well as consumers and the company’s virtual presence.

This type of automation software will eventually be able to be used without any type of user intervention. Businesses that are new to automation should consider looking into chatbots. With the prevalence of social media at everyone’s fingertips, companies without an automated interface ever ready to answer consumers questions 24/7 stand to lose a significant chunk of their business.

Using Collective and Artificial Intelligence

The Internet has made accessing Big Data incredibly easy for consumers and businesses alike. A popular trend in today’s world is utilizing collective and artificial intelligence: allowing businesses to share knowledge freely amongst each other.

Excluding sensitive information that requires protection, companies would stand to benefit from a large pool of data. This would benefit companies as a whole to learn from each other’s data, ultimately allowing businesses to gain more than they might without having a collective pool of information. Companies should also consider using a disaster recovery tool–in the event of an emergency, employees will know what to do next. This type of software will also keep all of your data safe and easily accessible.

Using Blockchain

Blockchain is a new trend that is poised to take over the workplace by storm. Essentially, blockchain is a database for assets that can be shared across several different geographies. Each participant of the blockchain will have access to its distributed ledger. This ledger has an inventory with all digital assets. As the blockchain is updated, all parties that have access to it will be able to see the changes that take place in real time. Due to this, many businesses find that using blockchain helps to build trust throughout the workplace.

Companies that are apart of industries like legal, real estate, or finance may benefit the most from using blockchain technology. In these industries, blockchain helps to automate processes significantly. Actions like transferring money, paying invoices, and processing transactions can be achieved simply using blockchain.

The Money Revolution

Money has already changed in the face of technology. Today’s trends allow users to send, accept, and manage money through apps like Square Cash, Apple Pay, and more. As the trend of using apps and money alternatives grows, businesses will find a way to use end-to-end payments with customers and suppliers.

Your can automate the accounts payable department in your business by using electronic billing software. This reduces human error, cuts back on costs, and saves hours of time each week. Companies who plan on evolving with technology instead of fearing it will be in better shape for the future.

Cloud-Based Solutions

The cloud and the use of its services is a trend that isn’t going anywhere. Just as individuals can store information on the cloud, as well as use software and services through the cloud exclusively, businesses are starting to catch on too. Companies can use the cloud to gain access to software, information, and services. This will streamline the way businesses find automation solutions.

Using AI

Artificial intelligence may not seem like a trend, but with all of the automated software, machines, and services that businesses are adopting, artificial intelligence is taking the world whether we’re ready for it or not.

With the rise of AI and other automated machinery, new industries and careers will be created. Employees that are displaced by these machines will gain new skills that will allow them to work with this new technology.

Similarly, businesses everywhere are turning to automation software to increase productivity around the workplace. This type of software allows businesses to expedite otherwise monotonous, time consuming processes. There is even project management software that will allow your staff to stay more organized. With all types of software, businesses can expect to see a significant increase in efficiency.

As companies around the world are encouraged to automate their workplace, employees and employers alike would do well by paying attention to the trends. These trends show the direction the business world is headed. Following these trends will ultimately allow companies to better prepare for the future.

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